Now that you understand that selling on eBay requires a cost let us talk about how you will begin your eBay selling plan. I recommend that you do NOT fall for the marketing pitch that you can sell more if you have an “eBay store” because that is just not true.

There are thousands of eBay PowerSellers, myself included, that do not have an eBay store. Why? Well for me personally I do not see an advantage to pay eBay a monthly fee of at least $19.00. I view it as another way for eBay to make money from its sellers.

One of the ways eBay promotes their “store” option is to provide you with “Free Listings” and “Discounted Fees” but guess what? I get that too every month as a PowerSeller and I do not need an eBay store to get it. So it is beneficial to you cost-wise to start your selling on eBay as economical as possible.


When I first started selling on eBay I did some research to see how things that I liked had sold. I also went up on the eBay home page and clicked on the link in the upper left menu called “Daily Deals.” This will give you a good idea what is currently selling well on eBay.

But let me give you some foresight into what has always been good selling items on eBay.

  • Smartphones and their accessories
  • Other technology gadgets like tablets, laptops
  • New video games and game consoles
  • New athletic footwear like Addidas, Nike, Reebok, and others
  • Personal drones
  • Designer items like bags, belts, watches,…
  • Collectibles like gold & silver coins and medallions
  • Most things Disney, DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek


Finding new items for sale is a task in and of itself. The best and most profitable way for some items would be to deal with a wholesaler. Plus when you deal with a wholesaler there is a good chance that they will do drop shipping as well.

I will be going over drop shipping techniques in my next training tutorial on making money with eBay. But one thing I would like to briefly address is that, buying from online retailers like Amazon, then reselling the item for a higher price, and then have Amazon shipping your item, is NOT real drop shipping.

Buying from a retailer and reselling for a higher price is called Arbitrage, and it is a risky way to sell on eBay because your profit margin will be very slim to none and can even be a loss. This is why in real drop shipping you buy your items from either a wholesaler or the manufacturer.

On the last page of this training tutorial I will provide a link to a directory of over 1,000 wholesalers and over 80 drop shippers. But when it comes to selling new items on eBay, working with a wholesaler is important if you wish to turn a profit, even after paying all of the eBay and PayPal fees.

NEXT UP = More research and preparations before starting to sell.

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ebufi Premium
I am glad that you are making it on ebay. I am new selling on ebay, I have been a costumer for a while and I decided to sell something. I made the mistake of offering free shipping and the sell went faster than expected but when I went to the post office they charged the price of the item and with the fees of ebay and paypal I am in the negative balance. I wanted to see if some things around the house that are almost new and I do not use could sell. But you are right, I have to do my research to see what things sell. Thank you Robert, great training.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you! Seeing that you are just starting out, you never want to offer Free Shipping unless you can cover the cost. Like I said in the training, free shipping only applies to the buyer. The seller will always have to pay for shipping if the buyer does not.

When you do decide to sell your items around the house, make sure you fully describe them, pointing out if they are damaged in any way and make sure to post at least 2 or more pictures. The more you can show and truthfully describe, the better it will be.
rocky2 Premium
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just joined ebay and I am at a total loss as what to do. I really needed this training.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome! I hope it helps you to better understand. Selling on eBay does require some experimenting to see what is what. But like I said in the training, becoming a buyer first will help you to better understand eBay before you become a seller.
Dinh Premium
Great training on how to sell on ebay. Looking forward to the next part. :)
Someone was warning me of DS Dominiation and I'm glad you mentioned it.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you. I'm happy you liked it. I mentioned DS Domination because what they advocate is not real drop shipping and does not turn a real profit like drop shipping with a wholesalers does.

Because of DSD there are some online claiming that Drop Shipping doesn't work, when in actuality it does work. Only the DSD version doesn't work too well.
carolb0701 Premium
Brilliant info (as usual!). Thank you. I'm looking forward to the next installment :)
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome and thank you. I hope to have Part 2 available in another week.
subra Premium
Thanks for Part 1 (How to Sell & Make Money on eBay Part 1).
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. I hope it was informative enough.