What did I have to do to earn this money?

Publish Contributed Posts on my Blogs

Now, let's be clear. Most Agencies will pay you simply to copy, paste and publish.

You are not expected to do anything more than that because, remember, their clients are paying them to insert a link within published posts on blogger's sites.

But I'm not publishing these posts ONLY for the once-off $20 to $30 payment.

I make sure I follow exactly the same Strategy I've been taught at Wealthy Affiliate. The same strategy I have in place for all my own Content.

Here's my Publishing Strategy:

Before Publishing:

  • If I'm dealing with a new client, I check the content for plagiarism first
  • I copy and paste the content into Site Content at Wealthy Affiliate
  • I find a Keyword on Jaaxy that ideally has Over 100 Searches and Under 50 QSR
  • I use the Keyword as my Permalink (Title) and my First H3 Headline in my post
  • If I like the images they chose for the post, I upload their images to Canva and create a Blog Title
  • If Content is over 1000 words, I'll also create a Pinterest Pin and Twitter Image in Canva
  • I use the Keyword to Name the first image in my post (Tip: type name of image as Alt Text when adding images to Site Content)
  • If I don't like the supplied images I find images of my own in Site Content's Million+ images. (e.g. some clients send me images of men when my target audience is women).
  • I reformat the post according to my Style: i.e. Shorten paragraphs, add bullet points where possible, format headlines etc.
  • I check every link and make each of them open up in a new tab
  • I write my own Opening and Closing Paragraph so that I still connect with my readers personally
  • I add a Call to Action (usually asking a question or inviting comments below)

To get a Contributed post ready for publication takes me anything from 20 minutes to an hour (finding the perfect Keyword and Writing my Opening and Closing Paragraphs can slow me down).

After Publishing:

  • I change the Title at the top of the post to the original Headline instead of my Keyword
  • Once published I add Keywords, Meta Tags, Categories etc. for SEO (as per Jay's SEO Training)
  • I edit and spellcheck using Grammarly (because I like my posts written in British English.
  • I resize and add Alt Text to my Images (the Alt Text I added before publishing becomes the name of the image).
  • Once I've received payment, I share on Social Media and call for Comments

Mikael @MikaelM sent me Google's Guidelines on Link Schemes.

Thanks so much for this info Mikael.

So there is one more step you can add to your process if you are concerned about being in violation of Google's Guidelines.

This is the step:

  • If the Client or Agency doesn't specify that the require a "dofollow" link, add one or two rel="nofollow" attributes to links in your Contributed Posts.

Links in Wordpress are automatically "dofollow" unless you change them to "nofollow".

However, having said that, most clients will request "dofollow" links.

The jury is still out for me on this one.

Okay... Let's wrap this up...

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