What are Contributed Posts?

Simply put, a Contributed Post is Content written for YOUR blog by a Content Writer.

These Content Writers are usually hired by an Agency specialising in Link Building and SEO Strategy.

Agencies pay you a service fee to publish this content on your blog because it contains a link to their client's website.

Their client pays the Agency to insert their link into original posts shared on many sites in order to:

  • increase their reach
  • drive traffic to their site
  • grow their audience base and ultimately
  • increase their Domain Authority

Link Building Strategy 101

Benefits to You, as the Blogger:

  • Fresh Original Content written for You by expert Content Writers
  • Good Content Writers will write with your niche and audience in mind
  • A reputable Agency will also supply Certified Free Images or Stock Images
  • A reputable Agency will include at least one internal link (i.e. to one of your own posts) and at least one Authority link (e.g. Wikipedia, HuffingtonPost etc.)
  • Payment: Agencies pay you a small service fee for taking the time and trouble to publish the post on your blog

This Service Fee varies from Agency to Agency and is generally based on your site's Domain Authority (and sometimes on Traffic Stats).

Domain Authority:

In order to start receiving Contributed Posts by most Agencies, I recommend you first grow your blog's Domain Authority to at least 10.

You do this by following the Training at Wealthy Affiliate - building rich content, using keywords, sharing on social media, making friends online etc.

  • At a DA of 10 most Agencies will pay you £10 or $10 per post.
  • At a DA of 20, you can start asking for £20 or $20 per post.
  • At a DA of 30, you can get paid anything from $25 to $30 per post.
  • Not sure what happens at DA 40 as I haven't reached that yet. :)

My current top income for posts is $30 per post from a company in Australia. They like me to publish posts on my highest Authority site which has a Domain Authority of 32.

I was offered $100 per post a couple of months ago by one company but they never followed through and sent me a post. We always live in hope.

Don't know your sites Domain Authority?

Don't know what Domain Authority is? Then check out PJGermain's Training on this:

Moz Toolbar - Page Authority, Domain Authority, MozRank, MozTrust

Next up... How did I get to this point?

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