Not Making Money Blogging

I'm just not cracking this blogging gig. I can see how I'll make money eventually but I NEED money NOW. I don't have the money to continue paying my Wealthy Affiliate membership fees. I can't afford to invest in Jaaxy. I need these tools. I need this Training. I'm stuck. I need to prove to my husband I can make money blogging so that he will support me... Oh no, I may have to go get a job and then all these hours I've put into my blogs may be wasted. All my Domains are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Where would I move them to? What would that cost? What if I lose my blogs? I've worked too hard to lose my blogs now. I have too much invested.

I HAVE to find a way...

These were the thoughts running through my head 8 months ago when I knew my Annual Membership Payment was nearly due and I knew I HAD to find a way to pay for it myself.

Desperation was setting in.

By this time I'd been blogging my heart out for nearly 2 years. I had followed the training so I'd done all of these:

  • Created a Website (or 3)
  • Built Rich Content
  • Chosen Low Hanging Fruit Keywords
  • Shared Posts on Social Media
  • Signed up for Affiliate Programs and Added Affiliate Links into Posts
  • Written Reviews for Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy
  • Signed up for Google Adsense and added Google Adsense and Gourmet Ads to one site to test Advertising Income

But something wasn't clicking into place.

I just wasn't getting enough traffic.

  • None of my posts were shooting it out of the park, going viral and drawing visitors to my site.
  • None of my keywords were bringing in masses of organic traffic.
  • None of my Social Media Channels were really ROCKING.

I wasn't making NOTHING. I had one or two affiliate sales here and there and I was earning money on Fiverr.

I had sporadic income... but

I wasn't making ENOUGH yet.

Not nearly enough.

In October 2017, I earned a Total of $136,94.

And that was my personal best, the month before that I only earned $29,10 and the month before that, even less - $11,22.

I knew I couldn't beg my husband to pay for my Annual Membership on the Black Friday Special for a second year running.

And then... just in the nick of time - Two weeks before Black Friday....

Everything changed.

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Bimby Premium
oh! What next Lauren..................
laurenjean Premium
Hi Beatrice... so sorry about that. Problem solved. You can now access all 6 Lessons. Enjoy!
Bimby Premium
Wow! congratulations Lauren. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

i have bookmarked this post.
laurenjean Premium
My pleasure Beatrice. Thanks so much for coming back to get the rest of the training.
davehayes Premium
DOH!... Like others in this thread, I'm left hanging

What chnaged!!!
laurenjean Premium
So sorry Dave!! Didn't mean to, I promise. All fixed now.
misschellie Premium
You left us hanging...tell us more!

laurenjean Premium
All there now Michele. Hope you enjoy!
Demonte Premium
Wow cliff hanger real cool smh
laurenjean Premium
Hehe... I love your response! Total accident. You can now access all 6 Lessons. Enjoy!
Give It A Go Premium
You've left us hanging Lauren. The second page is not to be found. Thought we'd better let you know. Hope you get it sorted, can't wait to read 'what next' :)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for letting me know Ange. Problem now solved. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Tutorial. So sorry about leaving you hanging!!