When you talk to other experts about building any Affiliate Website, you may find all kinds of orders of ways they like to do certain things, this is one thing you need to always remember... Anything on your website is yours, you can be told how to do anything on your website, but at the end of the day it is up to you on what and how you talk on your own website.

Definetly use the help of others but always make sure everything on your site comes out in a way that sounds like you. This can include the products you choose...

When choosing products for your very own Amazon Affiliate website there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. Can You Talk About This Type Of Product Everyday?
  2. Do You Have Prior Knowledge Of This Type Of Product?
  3. Competition - How Many Other Sites Are Talking About Your Type Of Products?
  4. Do You Want To Make Money?

#1) Can You Talk About This Type Of Product Everyday?

When you choose your products for your very own Amazon.com Affiliate Website, you want some products you can enjoy talking about. On my Nerf Gun website, there is a Zombie Strike Series, so guess what, I talk about Killing Zombies with Headshots, along with other features and reasons to purchase the certain Nerf Gun. In other words, I had fun writing my reviews for my products.

There are over 480 Million Products on Amazon.com, I know for sure there is something on there that you would have fun talking about.

Once you find one product you wouldn't mind talking about, there is going to be something related to it on Amazon.com, matter of fact, there should be tons of related products, its up to you to choose the ones you find the most relatable that you want on YOUR website.

You are the master of your website!

#2) Do You Have Prior Knowledge Of This Type Of Product?

When you choose certain products for your website, not all your products but maybe one or two, maybe more, are going to products you have actually used before, giving you a personal opinion that only you have, sharing that makes you very trustworthy, sharing your personal experiences with your readers is a great way to gain trust.

Now that you have a few products that you can give your full personal opininon on, you can relate any other products to the ones you know work or don't work. Think of these products as your base products that should be your main focus, but you need more authority, you gain that with more product reviews!

#3) Competition

How many other websites are talking about your products? No matter what niche you choose, you can build your authority to a level that is better than any other website in your niche. However, a niche that is saturated in competition is going to take much longer to finally break way and gain some traction, but it is possible... However, this the point of research.

You can do this kind of research with The Keyword Tool of choice here at WA, Jaaxy. There is also the option of research with the means of just Search Engines, there is QSR (Quoted Search Results) that will tell you the exact amount of sites talking about your keywords for your products.

Jaxxy Keyword Training

How To Find The Real QSR (Quoted Search Results) In Google

There is a lot of research that goes into any website, whether it be prior research, present research or future research... Reseach and learning is going to be part of building a successful Amazon Affiliate Website.

#4) Do You Want To Make Money?

No matter what products you choose, there is one major question... Do You Want To Make Money? If you don't want to make money, this is not your path to take.

If you are looking to make money online with an Amazon.com Affiliate Website, you need to put in the work to learn the required steps to build out your website properly, Wealthy Affiliate is full of helpful members that all have a twist on this game of affiliate marketing, learning new twists from others and combining them to make your own twist is what you will really need. You will gain your own twist with time, I promise!

Amazon.com has a payment table that offers different commissions on different types of products, this is part of your research, you may find higher ticket items with higher commissions, and lower priced items with lower commission. This is going to be up to you, You may find more lower priced items to sell more, and high priced items to sell less, but the profit margin can be the same. This will come down to content, SEO and promotion.

Amazon.com Affiliate Pay Table Page

With this all being said, lets get into learning more about Wealthy Affiliate!

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Thank you for the tutorial it has so much info.in it. Will need to refer back to it as I go along.
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Thank you.
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Hey Kenneth, this is definitely very helpful information. Thank you!
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Thanks Monica! Helpful info is what I try to give always! :)
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Thanks Huff you shared a very educative materials and explained to the details,,Cheers
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Thanks Martin, I try to simplify things down when I learn them, I find things much easier to learn that way! I hope this is able to help a lot of beginners simplify the process and or anyone that reads this! ;)
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Thank you Kenneth,. Really useful saved training!
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Thank you! I hope this can be used as a good reference! Glad you liked it. :)