Now that your website is ready for content that will become rankable in search engines and even spreadable by social media right away, immedietly after you publish your content... Well, you need to create some content, my biggest recommendation is product reviews.

Kyle, has an amazing post covering the creation of product reviews, I learned to write my product reviews from his post, but your products will make the overall review questions vary, so I will show you my variation of how I have my Nerf Gun Reviews laid out, that any product can have done to.

Leveraging Product Reviews - Premium Members Only...

Writing Product Reviews Of Stuff You Don't Own

The vary basics of any review is telling your readers whether or not you like a product and whether or not its worth your readers time and money to purchase the product you are reviewing.

The ultimate point of a product review as an affiliate marketer with is going to get your reader from your website to One thing that separates from other affiliate programs is once your reader enters you earn commission on any product they purchase once they enter through your link (I will cover that next). Other affiliate programs only pay you commission on products that they enter and buy from your link...

This is a huge debate among affiliate marketers, some love while others despise, I personally just love making money! happens to be one of my ways! :)

A Basic Product Review Looks Something Like This:

Product: _______________
Price: _____________
Best Place To Buy:
Overall Rating: ____________

What Is The _____________

Pros Vs Cons

Who Is ___________ For?

Is _________ Worth The Price?

My Final Opinion Of ____________

At A Final Glance ... ____________

That is about it, if you can fill out those questions in a detailed and engaging way, that makes your readers really want to believe your opinion, these product reviews can lead to clicks on your affiliate links which will lead to your readers who are ready to buy, purchasing your recommendations, earning you commission.

This is my example of how I have my Nerf Gun Reviews laid out... I go into detail and tell a bit of a story with each Nerf Gun, my readers feel engaged and I aim for 1000+ words for every review for terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I rank pretty well for most of my reviews, with some even ranking #1 in Google.

My #1 recommendations with any reviews is learning how to use some kind of a photo editor. My favorite free program is, I have a training on creating featured images that is a good start with

How To Create Featured Images For Your Blog With Canva

Also check out:

How To Design With Canva

Hello: Canva - Premium Only...

This is one major thing you NEED to know, it doesn't matter what you say on the internet, it matters how you say it. Any product can be reviewed then promoted to sell, in turn taking that product to the best seller list just because a marketer decided to pump a huge promotion.

What I mean is... Any product you choose to review, is a good product to review. Now find another product and review that one, and another and another. Eventually, you have multiple reviews that add to your authority. Anyone can build an authority that sells anything, if you can work for it and build your brand to the level you want it.

Now that you have products reviewed, you need to combine them into lists, so people can make their own decisions to which they want to check out. Find out what I mean on the next page!

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TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for the tutorial it has so much it. Will need to refer back to it as I go along.
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Awesome, let me know if you have any questions as you go along! :)
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Thank you.
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Thanks for sharing.Some good ideas there for me!
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Glad I could help give you some ideas! Make That Commission! ;)
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Hey Kenneth, this is definitely very helpful information. Thank you!
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Thanks Monica! Helpful info is what I try to give always! :)
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Thanks Huff you shared a very educative materials and explained to the details,,Cheers
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Thanks Martin, I try to simplify things down when I learn them, I find things much easier to learn that way! I hope this is able to help a lot of beginners simplify the process and or anyone that reads this! ;)
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Thank you Kenneth,. Really useful saved training!
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Thank you! I hope this can be used as a good reference! Glad you liked it. :)