Meet Ralph, Sarah and Jack!

These are just some marketing persona examples from off the top of my head. They will most likely be different to the personas that you would use for your niche. These are along the lines of what I use for my ‘work from home – online marketing’ sites.

You have Sarah – she is 40 years old, married with 2.5 kids. She works late all the time and is under pressure at work. She and her partner have a mortgage on their house and the bills are just being covered, but she is saving nothing. She would love to be able to work for herself one day but her immediate thoughts are on earning some extra money for a holiday. Her goal is to work from home online full time.

Ralph is a stay at Dad. He is 35 years old. Married with a toddler and one child in pre school. He desperately wants to contribute an income to the family but could only manage part time for any work, at the best, while looking after a young child at home plus the house work. Online work would suit him as he could do bits and pieces when he had the time.

Jack – He is 65 years old and recently stopped full time work. Jack has a lot of knowledge about bird watching and his own aviary with racing pigeons. He has heaps of time on his hands and wants to continue earning an income to top up his pension and buy a new car.

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Magieken Premium
This is great advice. It is a simple & effectve way to personalize content for the reader. Thanks James
BillandSue Premium
Hi James,
This was helpful. Made me think (ohh no!). I am going to research with Google some more. Thanks again.
MaxDrljic Premium
Very helpful,thanks James :)
Give It A Go Premium
I like this idea James. There are many visual people out there so thinking of it from a specific demographic etc can be great, but putting a picture to the person is going one step further for the visual people. I'm still trying to get my head around the analytics but I certainly will remember what you have written here when I get on top of things there. Ange
JamesBB Premium
I added a small snapshot of google analytics demographic info on age groups. But you can also use site plugin analytics that will provide some more data.
ar20746 Premium Plus
I like your comparison with the real persons like Sarah, Ralph, Jack ... :)
Have a nice day. Joze.