Draw a picture.. Have FUN.

Ok, so you don’t have to literally draw a picture, but if you can then great.

What I have done is to cut out pics out of magazines (am I showing my age?). I guess if you want to be clever you can find picture on the internet and print them out.

Again .. this is not totally necessary but, I think its FUN !

Finally, you have a visual picture and background information of your marketing persona.

What to do with your personas

Now, when you write an article, you can pick a persona and write it to that person.

When you go to start up a new website, create your personas first that suit your NICHE and then develop your website with these virtually real people in mind.

Ask them questions

Ask yourself, what would Sarah think of that article? Would she buy these products / services? Would Ralph get any value from reading this website? What does Jack need to know to help him earn some money online?

If you can't get a positive answer then review your content.

Just remember to RELATE all this to your own NICHE and create your own personas for your own website (not mine).

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Magieken Premium
This is great advice. It is a simple & effectve way to personalize content for the reader. Thanks James
BillandSue Premium
Hi James,
This was helpful. Made me think (ohh no!). I am going to research with Google some more. Thanks again.
MaxDrljic Premium
Very helpful,thanks James :)
Give It A Go Premium
I like this idea James. There are many visual people out there so thinking of it from a specific demographic etc can be great, but putting a picture to the person is going one step further for the visual people. I'm still trying to get my head around the analytics but I certainly will remember what you have written here when I get on top of things there. Ange
JamesBB Premium
I added a small snapshot of google analytics demographic info on age groups. But you can also use site plugin analytics that will provide some more data.
ar20746 Premium
I like your comparison with the real persons like Sarah, Ralph, Jack ... :)
Have a nice day. Joze.