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In the video above I'm going to show you how to link your Google Authorship with your Wealthy Affiliate profile.
Following these steps will allow your author profile image to appear in the search results when you publish Wealthy Affiliate blog posts.

There are many benefits for setting up your authorship and I'm going to give you a few:
  1. An author image appearing in the search results will make your Wealthy Affiliate blog post listing standout more then other.
  2. Traffic landing on your Wealthy Affiliate blog posts via search engine will by tagged with your affiliate ID should they decide to join WA.

How To Setup Step By Step

I understand not everyone wanted to watch a video tutorial so I've decided to add a short step by step guide that you may find easier to follow. However to follow along you must already have a Google Plus account setup.

Step 1
Click on the "Account Setting" link on the Wealthy Affiliate sidebar menu.

Step 2:
Scroll down until you see the Google+ Profile link and click the blue "edit".
You should then see some additional details appear, if you're already logged into Google you can click on the link

Step 3:
Once your Google+ profile page loads up, copy the URL address.

Step 4:
Head back to Wealthy Affiliate and paste in your Google+ profile URL and press save.
(I personally delete the /posts that's on the end of the URL)

Step 5:
Head back to your Google+ profile page and click the blue "Edit Profile" button a the top of the page.
Scroll down until you locate the "Contributor to" area, when you hover your cursor over this area it will turn light blue, click to edit.


Step 6:
Copy the highlighted Wealthy Affiliate URL as seen below.

Step 7:
Back on the Google+ profile page, you want to click "Add Custom Link".
Now enter the website name and URL of Wealthy Affiliate and press save, then "Done Editing".
This is now telling Google that you're a contributor to Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 8:
This step is optional but recommended to confirm everything has been setup correctly.
First, copy the URL of a blog post you've published on Wealthy Affiliate.
Visit Google's Rich Snippet Testing Tool and paste in your blog post url

If it's working you'll see your profile image appear in the preview.

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PMV Premium
Thanks Craig, another great instruction.
welshy Premium
You're welcome
Sherion Premium
Thank you I was wondering how to do this. I am going to do ASAP.
welshy Premium
If you create blog posts here within WA it's a win win
Yes I did that, thanks for the concise instructions!
welshy Premium
No problem glad it helped
ThomasPaul Premium
Make sure you follow step 6 exactly. I accidentally typed instead of and didn't get it to work until I discovered my mistake and changed it.
firstburn Premium
welshy Premium
Thanks, yes that could be as easy mistake, always check markup code with the Rich Snippet Tool :)
firstburn Premium
it was clear and concise. and will try it. I really like it.
welshy Premium
Thanks for the nice comment.