3. Making a URL Indexing Request:

If you are requesting that a URL be indexed, or re-indexed, you will search the URL in the Google Search Console, then click on the link “REQUEST INDEXING.”

A quick test will be run, and if there are no immediate errors, you will see the request be SUBMITTED.

All submitted URL’s go into a queue, and are processed in order. There is no way to change that order, and if you try to request indexing more than once (at the same time for the same URL), Google will not like it. It specifically asks you to submit only ONCE.

The Search Console says that once submitted, it can take up to two weeks to see the URL indexed.

I tried indexing with this method for two of my posts, and both posts were indexed within 24 hours of my request.

After submitting your page for indexing, you will see a link, once again in the upper right of the message box, that says "TEST LIVE URL." (Feature #1, as you remember)

If you've published this page that you entered into the search bar, then Google should be able to tell you if it's available for indexing, and if the page is mobile friendly.

Here are my results:

And a close up...

Now, let's look at the last two features...

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