HOW to use the new URL Inspection Tool on Google Console

According to Google Support, The URL Inspection Tool “shows information about the indexed and live versions of a URL, with the ability to request a crawl. New information includes the URL of the canonical page, any noindex/nocrawl blocks, and whether or not the URL is in the Google index.”

There are 5 Main Features of the new URL Inspection Tool:

1. Live URL Inspection

This allows you to test whether a specific page on your website can be indexed.

2. Indexed URL Inspection

This retrieves information about the indexed version of a specific page and allows you to inspect it.

3. URL Indexing Request

This allows you to request that an inspected URL be crawled by Google.

4. Rendered Version Viewing

This allows you to view a Screenshot of what Googlebot sees on a specific page.

5. Information Search

This allows you to view a resources list, page code, JavaScript output, and other information.

Let's see what each of these means...

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