Now, a comprehensive list of words many people find difficult to spell. Fasten your seatbelts!


Answer Column Condemn Daughter Gauge Knee

Knowledge Pneumonia Receipt Scene Science Whistle


buy (with money) by (written by) bye (farewell)

for (you) fore (in front) four (the number)

to (to you) too (much) two (the number)

where (for place) wear (clothes) were (past of to be)

their (belonging to them) there (place) they're (they are)

its (to express belonging) it's (it is)

allowed (permitted) aloud (cover your ears)

currant (fruit) current (modern)

mail (in the post) male (not female)

stationary (still) stationery (supplies)

who’s (who has/is) whose (belonging to)

passed (the past of to pass) past (yesterday)

you’re (you are) your (belongs to you)

weather (climate) whether (you like it or not)

hole (in the wall) whole (complete)

hear (with your ears) here (and now)

waist (between legs and torso) waste (rubbish)

peace (no war) piece (a bit)

brake (car device) break (from work)


accept (verb) / except (conjunction)

affect (verb) / effect (noun)

later (afterwards) / latter (the last one)

massage (rub and knead) / message (sent and delivered)

of (preposition) / off (can be part of phrasal verbs: turn off. set off)

breath (noun) / breathe (verb)

through (preposition) / thorough (adjective)

than (to compare) / then (time adverb)

quiet (silence) / quite (enough)

desert (very hot) / dessert (very sweet)

costume (type of clothing) / custom (behaviour)


occasionally (not ocassionally)

should've (not should of)

would've (not would of)

could've (not could of)

all right (not alright)

beautiful (not beutiful)

every (not evry)

February (not Februry)

accommodation (not acomodation)

committee (not comitee)

necessary (not necesary)

business (not buisness)

So, that's the LIST. You can add as many words as you can to the different sections above. There plenty more, I tell you.

Now, let's practice. It's about time you tackle those nasty words. I hope you are not as afraid after you do the following tasks.

Choose the correct homophones

Were/where/wear is the white hat I where/were/wear at work? Were/where/wear you not wearing it yesterday?

It's/its about time we by/bye/buy the new car and say bye/buy/by to that old junk we should've sold buy/bye/by now.

There/they're/their the ones that left their/they're/there keys over they're/their/there.

I think to/too/two packets of rice is too/to/two much to/two/too make paella for/fore/four four/fore/for.

Only mail/male personnel were aloud/allowed to deliver that specific mail/male.

In the passed/past she usually passed/past through the same tunnel and never had an incident.

Whose/who’s left this fancy pen on the table? Is it not from the girl whose/who's uncle is a soldier?

Whether/weather we go to the park or not depends on tomorrow's whether/weather

You're/your whole/hole collection of coins went down the whole/hole. You're/your the only one to blame.

That peace/piece of advice was enough to make peace/piece between the two contenders.

If I stand here/hear I can't here/hear the screaming and shouting inside that house.

Whilst looking for his brakes/breaks, the waste/waist reached up to his waste/waist in that smelly dump.

Make up sentences with the following word pairs (try including the pairs in the same sentences)

Example: Please, accept that except you bring the documents, you won't be able to enrol.

affect, effect / later, latter / massage, message / of, off / breath, breathe / through, thorough / quite, quiet / than, then / desert, dessert / costume, custom

LOOK, COVER, WRITE AND CHECK those words you feel you struggle the most


Choose the correct homophones

Were is the white hat I wear at work? Were you not wearing it yesterday?

It's about time we buy the new car and say bye to that old junk we should've sold by now.

They're the ones that left their keys over there.

I think two packets of rice are too much to make paella for four.

Only male personnel were allowed to deliver that specific mail.

In the past she usually past through the same tunnel and never had an incident.

Who’s left this fancy pen on the table? Is it not from the girl whose uncle is a soldier?

Whether we go to the park or not depends on tomorrow's weather

Your whole collection of coins went down the hole. You're the only one to blame.

That piece of advice was enough to make peace between the two contenders.

If I stand here I can't hear the screaming and shouting inside that house.

Whilst looking for his brakes, the waste reached up to his waist in that smelly dump.

Tasks 0/3 completed
1. Read about words most common spelling mistakes
2. Choose the correct homophone
3. Make up sentences with the following words

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AlvaroC Premium
Fernando, Many thanks for such wonderful training. Will go on to the next lesson, but first I would like to comment that I did fail : ^Cordiality^ I clasified as an adjective ( understand is ^qualifying^ the crew´s attitude ), but then I find that it is a name (Noun). How could I be able to see the difference. Thanks again for providing us, specially the non-native English speaking members, with this magnificent tool.
Fernan Premium
Gracias Alvaro I´m glad you like it. As a general rule words ending in -ity are all nouns (adversity, versatility, complexity, etc) and the adjectives are made up with the roots of those words, adversal, versatile, complex, etc.
AlvaroC Premium
Gracias Fernando !!
The easiest way to learn the difference, awesome.
rickbcf1 Premium
I appreciate a good grammer review. It reminds me to stay on top with the way I speak and write.
Fernan Premium
That´s great rickbcf1, thanks for checking the training.
Bill Carver Premium
You've done an admirable job on a very complex subject. What you covered in five brief lessons would take a fair amount of an English grammar book to cover and teach in detail. I know from experience---my 8th grade English teacher had an excellent grammar book and drilled us and drilled us over and over!

If someone is having problems with English grammar, spelling and punctuation, this is an excellent place to start. Especially with the exercises it should improve most anyone's ability to use English correctly.
Fernan Premium
thanks Bill, I hope the training serves its purpose, nothing would make me happier.
affiliatesun Premium
I browsed through the course. I will be back to it with a note book to take notes in details. I can tell that this is an A+ course. Very well structured, easy to understand, followed by helpful exercises. Highly recommended for everyone who can benefit from it, specially ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers, as it is called in the U.S.
Fernan Premium
Thanks Mehdi, you made my day. I put long hours, but I think it will be worth it.
OldCodger Premium
Permit me a terrible joke, Fernando.

Migrants coming to Australia after WW2 attended English Language classes. They often struggled with pronunciation of strange new words. One such student was walking past a theatre, where he saw a large banner:

"Pygmalion - pronounced Success!"
He promptly threw himself under a bus...

Your course is a very comprehensive one - well done!
:) george
wtbee2013 Premium
IT is took me a minute, I loved it HAHAHA LOL it was so funny.