When you want to raise a question about something, the starting step is to find out if a similar question has already been asked and discussed by fellow community members.

The advantage is that you save time by doing so. Also, you will have access to a lot of feedback from different community members.

To find out, type your question. For example, How To Make a You-Tube Video?
In the search box as shown in the diagram below.

The search results show this question was asked more than once. Also, it received a lot of responses from community members.

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gardenguy Premium
Thank you Zegu........I have not done it this way, now I will.

ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Wayne, for stopping by. Every little helps.
celiacman Premium
Thank You
I am sure this will help many of our members
ZEGU Premium
I hope so too, Jeff. I have relied on using the same steps to help out colleagues with their questions, by simply pointing them to previous discussions. Thanks.