My aim in this simple and brief tutorial is to show you how you can make use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that have been archived here at Wealthy Affiliate.

This will help you get the answers to some of the burning questions you may have that need clarification.

Before You Go Ahead To Ask The Community Hold On A second!

Before you go ahead to ask your question do some research first.There is a high chance someone here at Wealthy Affiliate asked the community a similar question and happened to have received some responses.

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GertrudeGoma Premium
Great stuff Zegu
gardenguy Premium
Thank you Zegu........I have not done it this way, now I will.

ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Wayne, for stopping by. Every little helps.
celiacman Premium
Thank You
I am sure this will help many of our members
ZEGU Premium
I hope so too, Jeff. I have relied on using the same steps to help out colleagues with their questions, by simply pointing them to previous discussions. Thanks.