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Hey there!

I wanted to make this video tutorial that explains how to edit comments in SiteComments.

Before I go on I need to make a disclaimer that Kyle suggests we disapprove low quality comments that have a lot of errors.

I agree with this because I feel like that is a big reason people don't use the SiteComments area. People are submitting poor quality comments so it can be discouraging.

On the other hand, I do believe that there are some reasons to edit grammar in comments. Fixing small or/and typographical errors is ok.

I also think that minor grammatical errors should be ok because not everyone speaks English as their first language and might word something as it would be ordered in their language. Sure some people might be fluent in both and have perfect grammar in both but there's a whole range from beginner to perfect.

Also, some people prefer to say things differently than others. And some people might order their words differently than others.

That being said, if a comment has a lot of errors, like more than 3 or so and makes no sense, then you should reject it. If you want to read more about it, click the link below.

Aside from editing grammar, there are a number of other reasons that you might want to do this:

What You Do Not Use Comment Editing For

  • changing what is being said
  • spam comments to make quick money
  • fix an overwhelming amount of mistakes
  • fix spam comment to make sense

How To Edit Comments in SiteComments

The steps are pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to SiteComments
      1. Websites > SiteComment > Scroll Down to See Your Pending Comments
  2. Click the 'Edit' button underneat the comment box
  3. Make changes as desired
  4. Save changes
  5. 'Approve' or 'Approve and Reply'

I hope this helps you edit comments. Always use your discression when it comes to editting comments.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please be sure to leave them in the comments box below. If you have any requests please feel free to ask!

I hope this helps! If you are looking for more of my training about linking to page positions of the same page click the link below:

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    Talk to you soon! :)


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