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Hey there!

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend and week!

I have been getting questions lately about how I add table of contents to my sites. Its pretty simple and something that is set and forget.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can look at this post or anyone on my site. The one I use is activated based on the amount of headers in your post.

I've chosen to share this one in particular because it is a good example of how the plugin will indent each of the headings under the main heading...if that makes sense.

So for instance, If you're main heading is 'Why Do Cats Eat' and your sub heading one is 'The Obligate Carnivore' then you have one under that that says 'Taurine is Essential', it will do this.

(whatever comes before on the table of contents)

  1. Why Do Cats Eat
    1. The Obligate Carnivore
      1. Taurine

(whatever the next headings are in your post)

I hope this makes sense...Probably not which is why I provided the example just in case.

How To Add A Table of Contents to Your Site

Method 1:

I guess there are many ways to do this. I've seen another member on WA use page position links like the training I did a while back.

How To Link To A Page Location

To use this method just put the marker on each heading, however you want to break it down, and link the Table of Contents headings to them. It will make more sense if you watch the video.

But to keep things on track, I'll leave the link at the bottom as well so that you can watch it after you've read all of this training.

Method 2:

This is team too much for me. I prefer a more automated and less time consuming approach.

To do this, I use a plugin called Table of Contents Plus. Make sure that you add the 'Plus' at the end.

As you'll see in the video it makes a difference and that is the exact one that I use. You can customize it to:

  • show/hide on posts, pages, etc
  • show/hide depending on the number of headings on the post
  • toggle show/hide
  • colors
  • font and table size
  • what you want the heading to say whether its 'Contents', 'Table of Contents', or whatever you have in mind
  • where it shows up
  • etc

I have it show up on pages and posts that have 2 or more headings because I want it to show on all my pages and posts. This way the reader can skip to where they want to be no matter how long the article is.

Mine typically run pretty long.

If your reader is on a mobile phone, it shows up at the bottom of the post I believe.


I can't remember why I chose this over the other one that shows up. Its probably because its simpler to use and what I'm familiar with.

Table of Contents Plus also has more downloads and users using it too.

The only thing I don't like about it is that on parts where there are numbers in front of the heading, it might be a bit confusing to the reader. But I've had really good feedback about it on my sites that I use this plugin.

If you have any questions, comments or other training requests, please leave them in the comments box below. If you have another method of doing table of contents, please also share.

Talk to you later,


P.S. Here's some training you may also find helpful:

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WaynePro Premium
This is really very helpful. Thank you for sharing this, Marlinda.

Marlinda1 Premium
Great! I'm glad you found value in this information! :)
esteadman Premium
Hi Marlinda,

Very helpful. I'm using the manual method, linking to headings in my post using HTML. It is a lot of work so I'll try the plug-in.

Marlinda1 Premium
Cool. Let me know which one you like better. :)
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Miranda. Adding tables has always been an issue with me. Your Video has now made it a lot easier. Thanks Jim
Marlinda1 Premium
Awesome! Glad I could help :)
LouisaB Premium
Marinda, thank you very much for the invite. This is a very incredible site filled with some of the best tree houses for cats. I wish I had of reach this site two weeks ago when I was seeking for a tree for my two cats. Anyway, my daughter found one at TJMack. Soon I will need another one.

Not forgetting that this is a great and educational site for people like me that are new at caring for cats. I got two from my grandson in April.

Best Regards,

Louisa B
Marlinda1 Premium
Hey Louisa! I'm glad that you enjoyed this info. Its np :) I just added it for reference purposes. Glad your cats have something to scratch on!
Traveller75 Premium
Very helpful, nice website with all the different cat scratch poles.

Marlinda1 Premium
Thamks Wayne, Glad you found value in this information!