Method 1 - Using Wordpress Export

The Wordpress Export Tool is already on your Wordpress site and is available to use whenever you wish.

In order to use it:

1) Go to the Dashboard on your Wordpress Editor.

2) Scroll down and Click on Tools

The Tools window will open up:

3) Click onExport

This will open up the Export Page:

4) Make sure that the All Content button shows a blue circle, as the top arrow shows.

Then click on the Download Export File tab.

When you have done that the Contents of your site will download.

5) Next locate the Download that you have just made, on your computer, and save it.

It is a good idea to create a new Folder on your computer to save all your backups.

This method will save all your written content,but it will probably not save your images.

In order to do that you will need a plugin.

Next up: WPClone

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Thanks for the excellent tutorial, Chrissie.
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You are very kind Mike, thank you so much :)
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Thanks for sharing, Chrissie.
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Chissies, Good lesson Thanks for the reminder.
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Thank you, Chrissie. :)
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No problem Rick, I hope it will help some people :)