Article Template #1: Simple Review

It's pretty obvious that product reviews can make a lot of money. In fact, this WA member was able to generate over $1000 off of a single sale from a product review. I have some reviews that have ranked for 5+ years and generate hundreds of dollars per month.

In fact, I'll show you one here on this page.

But do you know how to actually get your review ranked? This template I use is super easy to follow, and has produced some amazing results in a variety of niches.

The only catch is that normally it should be used with either a low competition phrase, or a lesser-known product.

For example, if you used this template for "iPhone Review", it's not going to rank. Sorry!

Even something like "Mortal Kombat 11 Review" might struggle to rank, since it's an extremely popular video game and everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon.

Of course, you can definitely try, even if you aren't sure if you'll rank! As you write more content, your blog authority will rise, and you will be able to rank for pretty much anything if you set your mind to it. I just wanted to give you some realistic expectations.

Plus, the reviews you write are still good for making money, even if they don't rank. Just link back to your reviews from other articles that do rank.

Let's look at an example on the next page of my Rare Beer Club Review.

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Calvin8 Premium
Hi Nathaniell

Thank you for the great training. Just curious, are you still creating your articles on the WA platform or directly in WordPress? If you are using the WA platform, which parts do you create in WA before you publish and edit in WordPress.

For instance - Do you upload your images while in WA or directly in WordPress? Do you create your table of contents in WA or directly in WordPress?

Thanks again,

JKulk1 Premium
Wow Nathaniell, anotherr fantastic, informative training segment. I've been reading this on my mobile so have found some parts difficult to see. It's so important that I'm going to go over it again on my PC lsterm The only question I have is that when I do best of searches they always come it at less then 10 , is this an issue . Jim
IncomeLegion Premium Plus
Nathaniel, I love these outlines and found through them I may be using my H2 Tag too early in my post as well as my table of contents. Thanks for an amazing tutorial.
Caruana Premium
This is great stuff. Many thanks for sharing. Will keep for reference.
JHeard_ Premium Plus
Adding these to the arsenal. Thanks Roderick