Top 10 List Template

Actually, the first part the article is going to be identical to our previous template. You can use this same introduction style for ANY post you create, and you'll see awesome rankings across the board.

Did anyone ever tell you SEO was hard? They were wrong! These basic formatting styles are the same tactics I use to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate earnings each month.

You can see the live version of this post here.

Article SEO Review

  1. keyword in the URL
  2. keyword in the post title
  3. image name = keyword
  4. descriptive alt text for image
  5. introduction with keyword in context
  6. h2 title with keyword
  7. table of contents

NOTE: It's OK to have the mismatch of "best" in the URL and "Top" in the post title. They are synonymous. You can match them if you want.

After this, your work is easy. Your Table of Contents should contain all the items. You can number them, or just use bullet points.

Then, as you write your content each item in the list will match and h3 title in the post.

Add an image for each item in the list. This could be product images, screenshots of websites, stock images, or you can embed content from Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Buzzfeed does this all the time, and it's a great way to leverage content that other people create to make your own, interesting, FRESH/NEW content.

If you're uploading images to your blog (instead of embedding), repeat the process you used for the title image. That includes naming the image file something relevant, and using proper alt text.

Don't repeat the same keyword over and over again. That's keyword stuffing!

Pretty easy right?

You can repeat this list template over and over again. In fact, there are entire webistes dedicated to nothing but lists. You can generate HUNDREDS of ideas for lists and keep yourself busy for an entire year or more with just a few minutes of research.

My recommendation is to start with super low competition topics if you have a new website.

Something like "Top 10 Scary Movies Of All Time" just isn't going to rank if that's your first blog post! However, you could definitely rank for things like:

  • top 10 zombie movies with female leads
  • top 10 scary movies for kids under 10
  • top 10 independent french horror movies in 2019
  • top 10 campy horror movies about clowns

So is that it for the top 10 lists template? Continue to the next slide to find out!

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Calvin8 Premium
Hi Nathaniell

Thank you for the great training. Just curious, are you still creating your articles on the WA platform or directly in WordPress? If you are using the WA platform, which parts do you create in WA before you publish and edit in WordPress.

For instance - Do you upload your images while in WA or directly in WordPress? Do you create your table of contents in WA or directly in WordPress?

Thanks again,

JKulk1 Premium
Wow Nathaniell, anotherr fantastic, informative training segment. I've been reading this on my mobile so have found some parts difficult to see. It's so important that I'm going to go over it again on my PC lsterm The only question I have is that when I do best of searches they always come it at less then 10 , is this an issue . Jim
IncomeLegion Premium Plus
Nathaniel, I love these outlines and found through them I may be using my H2 Tag too early in my post as well as my table of contents. Thanks for an amazing tutorial.
Caruana Premium
This is great stuff. Many thanks for sharing. Will keep for reference.
JHeard_ Premium Plus
Adding these to the arsenal. Thanks Roderick