No Risk No Reward

Last Update: October 17, 2016

The world is full of scammers, liars, and cheats

I have been reading, reviewing and commenting on a lot of WA affiliate websites the last couple of weeks.

One common thread everyone seems to be posting about is beware of scammers and how to avoid them.

Well raise your hand if you've ever been the victim of a scam. If you've lost money or spent frustrating hours in pursuit of the dream of being wealthy, trust me, you're not alone.

Dollars and time lost

I calculated it out a little while ago, and figured that I have spent over $150,000 on programs, seminars, life coaches,and bad investments during the last 40 years.

I've spent hours listening to motivational tapes and planned vacations around "guru" seminars. I fought to get my money back from one company for 16 months. Finally prevailing when I was able to get the attorney general involved.

But there is a happy ending

When you fall into a hole, you have two choices you can either sit there and bemoan your fate or you can do something to get yourself out.

I did a little of both! I had decided that I would never be able to get wealthy and had resigned myself to sit back and watch TV, collect social security and fade into the sunset.

The only problem is that my entrepreneurial soul couldn't quite stomach that and this little voice kept gnawing at me, chanting.... you have a millionaire mind, you have a millionaire mind, what are you wasting it for?

That is when I started searching for business opportunities again and came across WA.

Did I really lose to the scammers

My awareness has evolved to the point that I really can't blame the scammers. All scams are reliant on one thing. MY GREED! See if I wasn't so anxious to have something for nothing, I could have avoided a lot of the scams I got into.

The other thing I look at is that education doesn't come for free. There's a price to be paid for learning. Both in time and money. They provided some of those lessons for me, and because of them I am wiser, more compassionate. I see the world in a whole new light.

Because of those scammers I did my due diligence and found out all I could about affiliate marketing. I researched various website and programs before finally settling on WA.

Successful people Fail

What I know today is that there are two states of mind that I can operate from. One is from a victim state of mind, and the other is from a responsible state of mind.

In a victim state I blame everything on somebody else and I have no power. When I'm responsible I take action because I know if it's to be it's up to me.

As a responsible person I'm willing to take risks, and even if I fail I know that I can try again. If things don't go my way I don't take it personally. I accept my lesson and move up from there.

If I'm faced with a risk I need to evaluate it carefully and then take action. I will fail 100% of the time if I do nothing. But if I act I may just reap a fortune.

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Ivine Premium
Hi Richard, indeed yo have taken some hard knocks. However, you have demonstrated you willingness to help others. Irv.
trailhound Premium
Thanks, Irv. Your comments are always so encouraging.
stn67 Premium
I think many here have tried to take your shortcut
trailhound Premium
You're right, Steen. Only we find out it's not a shortcut.
stn67 Premium
No it does not exist, fortunately or unfortunately
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks to you.
I've also been bitten before, but no more :)
Cheers Tosh.
trailhound Premium
Thanks, Tosh. What's that phrase "once bitten, twice shy"
howard911 Premium
Thanks Richard, l was taken for everything but after some reflection l now think like you. Lesson learnt.
trailhound Premium
Thanks for your comment Howard. The hardest lessons are usually the best ones.
StepChook Premium
Thanks Richard, I like the way you said that successful people fail. Failure is not failure when it is used as a learning mechanism.

Great post!