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Last Update: August 01, 2014

Hello all! Happy Friday! Its a glorious day here in St Louis and I have the results from last weeks poll.

My niche is on leadership and my website is devoted to that niche. I understand I am not able to post my link here so please find on my profile. I asked the question "what are the three desired qualities of a true leader?" I got some great responses back and I wish to share them here, as promised.

One of the main themes here at WA is to be a helpful, pay-it-forward member of the community. I don't think this is something one just turns on and off. I believe it comes from within. The traits from within are those similar to the qualities of a leader. So I hope that anyone struggling with that leader within themselves can take something away from the responses from the virtuous WA community. So...here we go!

Here are the responses given for most important leadership qualities with number of votes included. I had 22 total responses and it is fascinating what was said! There were 45 different terms used to describe a quality of leadership! That is amazing to me. Now some can be rolled up into another "like" term, but having 45 different terms shows how nebulous defining what leadership is can be.

6 votes-Only one...the top vote getter!


5 votes-1 Choice


4 votes-7 Choices

Confidence, Person of Action, Integrity, Inspirational, Leads by Example, Humility, Be Able To Delegate

3 Votes-3 Choices

Charisma/Spirit, Compassion, Knowledge

2 Votes-12 Choices

Teamwork Oriented, Know Their People, Trust, Positive Attitude, Loyalty, Good Listener,

Promoted Through Ranks, Fairness, Competence, Transparency, Intelligence, Courage

1 Vote- 16 Choices

Persistence, Able to Build Relationships, Helpful, Good Manager, Able to Follow, Teachable,

Teacher, Mentor, Treat People Like People, Acceptance, Faith in God, Decisive, Mission, Walks Their Talk, Values, Character

So that is the list. Granted you can make the argument some terms are similar. Honesty and Integrity, Confidence and Courage, Treat People Like People and Acceptance, and there are more. But you can see when asking everyday people about leadership, the true definition is a little slippery. Its hard to pin down.

I truly think that each of these has merit on the list. Leaders in some way shape or form need to have each of these qualities to be effective. There are no right or wrong answers here.

I will leave you a few cool responses I got from the WA members on the matter. Thank you all for reading! It is much appreciated!

-One last thing: my definition of vision is this: A mental image of what COULD be, fueled by a desire that it SHOULD be...by SimonCrowe

-I recently looked up the word Integrity (I wanted to use the Webster Dictionary definition to make a point to someone) - The quality or state of being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty & sincerity...by Christabelle

-If someone feels you care about them they will believe in you and follow you where you need to take them...Atl-Dealer


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KatieMac Premium
the results has made good reading thanks for sharing also gives us the qualities we should be seeking in one place..... have a good weekend
TorabbMarket Premium
Glad you like it Katie! You also!

cookma54 Premium
Thanks for sharing the results ... very interesting.
TorabbMarket Premium
You bet! Thanks for participating.

CarlaIves Premium
Good to know! And it doesn't surprise me that honesty is #1. It's rare in today's world.
TorabbMarket Premium
Great point Carla. Many of the qualities that make up a leader are lacking in people today. Thanks for the feedback!

TorabbMarket Premium
Actually one of my favorites, and it only received two votes, is the quality of being a good listener. The old saying is that the Good Lord gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. If you are always talking you dont get the input of those that you should be listening to. Very underrated quality.

Sugarbird Premium
Hey Mike - this is very interesting! In re-reading it, I thought about how fundamental these qualities are and how we should all know and follow them anyway. Honesty, integrity, dependability, trustworthiness, and the ability to be HUMBLE are what make any great character. Great post!