How To Start With Affiliate Marketing When The Odds Are Against You

Last Update: August 16, 2019

Many people see successful affiliate marketers and think, well if the odds are against me, I don't see how to start with affiliate marketing, I'm not one of those successful people.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

1/ Start With The Right Mindset

Many of us have already given up in our thoughts before we have even started. Banish the negative thoughts that seek to pull you down and embrace the positive points listed here and you will surely succeed!

2/ Believe In Yourself That You ARE Able

You can do this! Did you ever think twice about breathing? Not really, it happens automatically. Did you ever think twice about thinking, not really, it happens automatically, did you ever stop to think about thinking? My point is, if you are able to do these things without any effort, imagine what you can do WITH effort! You are able!

3/ It Can Be Done, 1000s Of Others Have Succeeded

It is most definitely possible as there are many stories of success at Wealthy Affiliate of many people who thought the same as you, but they embraced the fact that they
CAN and they DID! You can too!

4/ Have A Great Support Backing - Found In WA Community!

There are many amazing people at WA who are helping those who are starting out with affiliate marketing and they are succeeding because these helpers care about your success. This is a phenomenon unparalleled in any other platform I've seen!

5/ Find The Right Platform To Create Your Website

For me, after searching the internet and trying various platforms, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be because you get phenomenal value for your investment and it is ongoing, evolving and just gets better and better every month!

6/ Follow The Training And Don't Deviate From It!

Many learners fall down hard with this one as they become distracted with other training happening and then they deviate from the task at hand.
The training at WA
is designed to keep you on track if you focus and follow one step at a time. All the things that I fell prey to, I am finding are covered in the training as I become focused and follow it step by step.
Don't fall into the same trap and jump the gun, it WILL be covered! Stay FOCUSED!

7/ Create Content On A Consistent Basis Over A Period Of Time

This is my number one failure! Oh, granted, I've created content, but I like to be thorough and give it my best shot, this is all good and well, however, I need to be consistent and create content diligently over a period of time and not be distracted with other things that deviate my attention away from the goal.

8/ Join Wealthy Affiliate And Use Comments To Pay For Your Membership

There are many ways to make up your membership fee within Wealthy Affiliate, and one of them is providing comments for others websites. You earn credits which can later be used to pay your monthly fee. It is definitely doable.

9/ Ask Questions If You Don't Understand What Is Being Taught

Very often there are things that you don't understand and you become stuck in a rut because you don't know how to move forward.
There is a section in WA where you can ask question and receive answers so you can move forward and become successful.
Here is a link to a few helpful tutorials: Edu's Training Tutorials

10/ Blog Weekly On WA With Related Topics In Internet Marketing

To gain traction with a following, create a weekly blog on WA related to topics in Internet Marketing and see how you can encourage and inspire others in the community.

11/ Pay It Forward By Helping Others Who Are Seeking Answers

Help others in the community by answering their questions and look for quality answers that may assist them in their search for a solution.

12/ Be The Best You Can Be To All You Meet

Just be YOU! You have skills and talents that are very different from others around you, use your gifts and talents to help others, encourage others, inspire others, teach others and you will see that you are an amazing asset to the rest of the community.

13/ Find Out What People Are Looking For On The Internet

Do Google Searches related to your chosen niche for your website and ask questions that people would ask in your niche, think like they do and then search those questions on the web, then take that to Jaaxy for Keyword Research and find low competition keywords and write posts with those keywords.

14/ Provide Solutions To Problems People Have In Your Chosen Niche

Think about the problems people face in your chosen niche and look for solutions, and/or provide solutions for them so they can apply them and be inspired. This way you will build a following because they know you provide solutions that work.

15/ Seek To Help Anyone Who Genuinely Needs Help

This is self-explanatory and as you do this, you will find that you have a much more positive outlook regarding your ability to knuckle down and make a go of becoming a great successful affiliate marketer!

You've Got This!

Apply these points and you will definitely become successful as you learn how to start with affiliate marketing when the odds are against you.

Need any help?

Leave your comments below and I'll do my utmost to help!


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