Website Comments, Are You Receiving More Lately?

Last Update: March 10, 2021

The Comment Platform here at WA while not perfect is indeed an Amazing Place to Share & Learn!

Commenting on an article that someone here has either written or had their writer write is an awesome way to learn and grow.

My writer is in the process of writing 7 new articles for me in the next 10 days as he's on Spring Break from College.

Have You ever seen his work and commented on any of the articles on my site that he has written?

Thank you to those who have & to those that will in the future!

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Christorv Premium Plus
I learn so much in here reading comments on blogs and questions alike and commenting myself that it has become a habit every day now. And boy for someone like that is very cautious on where I spend my time that says a lot. Long may the good times continue as the platform including commenting improves as well 👏
drjec Premium
Not only is the comment section of WA helpful in terms of newly reading articles. I find I learned a terrific them out by revealing and offering commons. It’s a very valuable part of the WA platform. Thanks for writing this post to highlight comets.
CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Tony. I've been AWOL from the community for a long time. Just getting back in the swing of things. Nice to see you. Is your writer that you mentioned your son? I remember you used to mention him in your posts quite often, and your love and pride in him was so evident.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Yea it good to read other posts.
Only1Hugh Premium
Yes I have.