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Last Update: March 13, 2016

There is no WA mobile App!

There is one out there that is pretending to be from WA but it is not and it is harmful!

I have also noticed some Friends asking about it and even saw someone posting that there is a WA mobile App - It is not from WA!

I am making this post so that we can spread the word so that none of our Friends here at WA get caught up in the bogus non-legit so called WA mobile App.

It is a fraud and I have had that confirmed by Kyle as when I saw it I almost got caught up in it because a mobile app for WA sounds like it would be great. (Exactly what the hackers/scammers/immoral people who created the bad app are counting on)

Just say NO!

There is no WA mobile App!

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rosieM Premium
I'm going to post as well.....how is this appearing? Via email/messaging/?????....do you know the wording being used?
theresroth Premium
THANK YOU, Tony! I'm one of those avid smartphone users who would probably have opened it.....
Kelly49 Premium
Thank you for the post!!
Giancarlos Premium
Yesterday I was thinking about it!...Thanks for the blog.
MBrownie Premium
Good to know.