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Over 1/2 of the 1 million words have been created since March 17th as part of an experiment to see how the search engines as well as viewing audience reacts to the articles....... most are over 3,000 words with many being over 13,000 words.......'

Most of the articles include at least 3 videos with many of them having at least 6 videos......

In your opinion, how long should an article be?

Do people watch videos on websites?

Visitors watching videos increases the amount of time that visitors are there.......

Translating into Better SEO Ratings?

Time will tell......

Have You or anyone that You know ever created any articles similar to the ones listed below?

Recently Published Articles………….. since March 17th……

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* Best Liquid Collagen for Weight Loss: The Power of the Collagen Elixir

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* What is the Art of Living

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* How to lose belly fat for women over 50

* How to lose belly fat for men over 50

* Drink2Shrink Reviews 2023 Lose Belly Fat drinking the Kool-Aide? Drink 2 Shrink Reviews

* What is the best way to lose belly fat Ultimate Guide

****** Below articles are sub-articles to the above article

Macronutrients for losing belly fat

Belly fat distribution

Resistance training to lose belly fat

Cardiovascular exercises to lose belly fat

Creating a Customized Belly Fat Loss Plan

Tracking Progress and Staying Motivated while Losing Belly Fat

Stress Management and Sleep for Belly Fat Loss

Exercise and Physical Activity for Belly Fat Loss

Nutrition for Belly Fat Loss

What is Subcutaneous Fat?

Understanding Belly Fat

Pictured above ~ 6 years ago when my Son was 16 years old, he purchased his 1st Jeep Wrangler

* 100 Best Online Side Hustle Ideas

* CJ Affiliate What is Commission Junction

* What is the Clickbank Affiliate Program?

* What is the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program about?

*Learn How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

* Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

*******Below articles are sub-articles from the article above

Crafting Your Personalized Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

Adapting to Changes in the Affiliate Marketing Landscape

Mistakes to Avoid and Lessons Learned

Analyzing Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Top Affiliate Marketers and their Strategies

Exploring International Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Diversifying Your Income Streams

Analyzing and Optimizing Campaign Performance

Building and Managing Relationships with Affiliate Managers

Scaling and Automating Your Affiliate Business

Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing and Webinars

Designing High-Converting Landing Pages

Creating Engaging Tutorials and How-to Guides

Writing Compelling Product Reviews

Understanding Your Audience and Their Needs

Utilizing Social Media and Other Traffic Sources

Email Marketing and List Building for Affiliates

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices

Integrating Affiliate Marketing into Your Content Strategy

Creating a High-Converting Website or Blog

Legalities and Disclosures: Staying Compliant

Signing up for affiliate programs and networks

Analyzing and choosing the right products or services

Researching Profitable Affiliate Programs and Networks

Identifying Your Niche and Target Audience

Top Affiliate Marketing Niches and Verticals

Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

How Affiliate Marketing Works: Players, Roles, and Commission Structures

The Benefits and Potential of Affiliate Marketing

Understanding the Basics of Affiliate Marketing

a couple of years ago my Son bought this Jeep CJ8 Scrambler

* Who is Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Genius?

* What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

* 12 Universal Laws Explained

* Who was Zig Ziglar?

*Who was Jim Rohn

* Who was Neville Goddard

* 33 Encouraging Motivational Quotes

* What is OpenAI?

* Chat GPT for Affiliate Marketing

* Chat GPT for Your Business

* What is Bitcoin 2023?

* What is Chat GPT? Plus? Version GPT-4?

* Organic Keyword Research Tools

* The Future of Money: Navigating the World of Digital Currency and Personal Finance

Have You or anyone that You know ever created any articles similar to the ones listed above?

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