I don't believe in luck, I believe in The Law of AttrAction!

Last Update: December 13, 2019

Today is Friday the 13th and this is my 666th blog post here at WA, so should I be worried?

Maybe I would be if I were superstitious but I am not!

I don't even believe in luck, I believe that we all create our own luck by putting forth the effort of showing up. Not just signing up, showing up & not just showing up and going through the motions.

While I must admit that I have indeed been guilty of all of the above, I've also learned that taking massive action is the key to being successful.

I do believe in The Law of AttrAction & that we bring into our lives the vibrations that we send out into the universe. That being said, Action is always the most important variable among many.

So many friends, not only here at Wealthy Affiliate but on other platforms as well, ask "When can I expect to become profitable, successful etc.........

The answer is always the same ......... it depends

It depends on so many variables and the main variable is the work ethics of the person asking the question!

Are you willing to not only sign up but also show up?

Are you willing to not only show up but also willing to take massive action?

What other variables do you believe are a part of being successful?

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JasonKang Premium
My comment is a bit late.
It is already 16th (Monday).
By the way, I truly believe the laws of attraction.
When my wife was pregnant, there were so many pregnant women on street. It was strange, but my wife had the same feeling.
When my first daughter was born, all the pregnant women were gone. They were barely seen. It was very strange, but it was the fact.
Now, we can see all the young children and their parents.
The law of attraction is the fact.
When we believe in our success and act accordingly, there will be higher chance of success.
It is the law of attrAction.
Thank you for pointing out.
FKelso Premium
I try to stay very active in here, but sometimes find I have to stop and rest and the massive action might not be so large. However, I'm consistent in my efforts.

Persistence, commitment, consistency, these are some qualities I can think of. Doing what I can.

Amazing, that you have so many posts...I am envious. Perhaps when I have that many, the money will be coming in as well.
Jukkah Premium
Taking action and being consistent is definitely the key to success. I used to think that the "law of attraction" was a bunch of new-age pseudoscience, designed to sell overpriced personal improvement products to the uneducated.

Two books changed my view on this stuff. Think and Grow Rich and Synchronicities (by Kirby Surprise). The latter offered a great scientific argument on why our thoughts affect the world around us.

So yes. I'm willing to show up and take massive action!
drjec Premium
This is a great post with a great question. Although I agree with the idea of massive action, as I look back at life, I can see very subtle decisions and actions that directed my life in ways that I didn't realize for years. This post was very thought provoking.
thelungdoc Premium
I am with you - I don't believe in luck.

You create your own "luck" when you work hard and are good to people.

Happiness and good fortune will come to you when you bring happiness to others.

Thanks for your inspiring post.

But what is really inspiring is the number of posts you have done - truly amazing.