Facebook No, I didn't "Unfriend" You!

Last Update: July 29, 2019

Facebook as we all know can be very quirky & either over protective or in their case, not protective ......... to make a long story very short ........ No, I didn't unfriend you at Facebook!

3 weeks ago Facebook decided to lock me out of their site & I am guessing it was because of their jealousy as I was sharing posts onto Facebook from another site.

No, not WA but another community site that is said to be competing with Facebook. Do I believe that they will ever displace Facebook? No, not even close but I do plan to be a member there as well ...... I just won't be sharing posts to Facebook from there anymore.

After 3 weeks of Facebook saying that I just needed to confirm my identity and I would have my account back & that not being the truth, I have now started a new FB account.

The confirm your identity checks were such a joke ......... I was to identify 5 Friends names by seeing a few pictures of them and I would be able to skip up to 2 in order to be correct with 5. I correctly identified all 5 Friends 3 different times (5 different Friends each time) without even needing 1 skip but on the 5th Friend each and every time, the confirm button just kept spinning ........

They also gave me the option to have a text code of 6 digits to my phone in which never arrived ever ............ It's hard to confirm, copy and paste 6 numbers that you never get.

Another option was to choose which comments and/or posts were mine in the recent past ...... same situation, I identified them all correctly but the confirm button never worked.......

Oh well, once again Friends I do apologize & No, I didn't "Unfriend" you on Facebook!

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Tony,

I am a newbie on FB and I nearly left after a couple of days. I took a lot to signup in the first place but finally got it done after quite some hassle.
I say Hi to a couple of friends, give a like and perhaps a small comment.
I use FB so I can get my posts out that is my main reason. When you do not do FB your website will not rank well because this "important" social media is missing.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Tony56pt Premium
Wow, guess what similar thing happened to me on one of those media sites from Germany. They wanted proof of my identity but never returned my email when I asked why and what for. They said I was fake lol. I said oh well I will just go back and create an account and just won't try paying for ad service from them no more. Because they already had my info so to me that already raised a red flag not to go with their service. That was a joke in itself when they already had my info, to begin with, my bank info but asked for 25 dollars when they had it to take that out for the monetization of my website. So said nope not going through that no more if they don't want my money I'll just stick with the free service under another email address lol. And still, put my site in there. Shoot I was beginning to think they only want Aryan race to apply as in being discriminated for being an American, maybe not, who knows. But all we can do is just keep on trying. There was a couple of times when facebook blocked one of my ad's for some stupid reason too where they had to ask for proof of identity because I had more than one ad running.
NIckTurner Premium
I note that some congressmen in the US as well as the FTC are investigating FB for antitrust violations and there is a lawsuit against them for banning Cryptocurrency ads - and lo and behold out they pop with Libra!

I have also been recently deplatformed with an account that is less than 24 hours old.
Pedrone Premium
yes, my friend, it did happen to me too!
the Identification run .... what a joke

I had on that particular profile, 1875 friends and 372 followers,
the profile has been active for the last 5 years!
that was about Anime Japanise comics and characters,
I did sell some Anime product and just when it started to take off
Facebook blocked me out!

in said so, I sympathize with you and I know the frustrations and feelings about this type of mischief from whoever has the power on the interface of facebook to do so!

have a good day:o)
Calh60 Premium
Man Tony, that is ridiculous. You really have to wonder about the integrity of the biggest social media platform. I have a lot of friends who have been suspended on FB multiple times.

And, they never really found out why. Oh well, you know, it's almost like they make the rules as they go along and change the rules without announcing it.

MinionJewlz Premium
Even though this is a "serious" subject, I love how you put it together pretty humorously. I haven't had that experience, and really hope I don't after reading your post. Save the nightmares for Halloween, right? Lol. Thx, Tony.
derekmarshal Premium
You highlighted a huge concern regarding facebook and their deluge into the crypto currency world.

Had you some of their coin it would be thank you and and byee...

It is almost akin to being locked out of your bank account....

Yah..they have serious issues to sort out long before they start that coin!.
Happy2Learn Premium
Sorry this happened to you Tony. They "unpublished" one of my business pages for no reason as well. grumble...grumble... grumble...
Joes946 Premium
A good reason to not use them
NeilBrown Premium
Hey Tony, maybe I'm misunderstanding something but Facebook doesn't like links right? how do you get people to your website if you can't share a URL link on Facebook?
Nancy29 Premium
How do you start a new Facebook account? They disabled my account and I can't seem to get as far as you have. It happened when I switched from my private account that used a nickname to my business email info.
TonyHamilton Premium
Use a different email address Nancy, my friend.
Nancy29 Premium
Well that's easy! I feel a bit foolish, but happy I asked. Thanks!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tony.
Tguth Premium
This is sad but true if you was going to put a bunch of fake stuff on their they wood let it go on. I dont understand how face book can let people on the site. That will try take your money or scam you.

RJG1000 Premium
Facebook has had so many problems over the years, I'm glad I'm not on that platform. I tried it once, as a business user, only to receive an email from Facebook that they were going to delete my account, as I didn't sign up properly. Yes, they did delete my account, which I had for about 3 weeks. I don't miss Facebook at all. If I want to communicate with a friend, I'll get on the phone and give them a call.
lynnsam61 Premium
Wow that sounds pretty crazy! Something to be aware of for sure.