Facebook No, I didn't "Unfriend" You!

Last Update: July 29, 2019

Facebook as we all know can be very quirky & either over protective or in their case, not protective ......... to make a long story very short ........ No, I didn't unfriend you at Facebook!

3 weeks ago Facebook decided to lock me out of their site & I am guessing it was because of their jealousy as I was sharing posts onto Facebook from another site.

No, not WA but another community site that is said to be competing with Facebook. Do I believe that they will ever displace Facebook? No, not even close but I do plan to be a member there as well ...... I just won't be sharing posts to Facebook from there anymore.

After 3 weeks of Facebook saying that I just needed to confirm my identity and I would have my account back & that not being the truth, I have now started a new FB account.

The confirm your identity checks were such a joke ......... I was to identify 5 Friends names by seeing a few pictures of them and I would be able to skip up to 2 in order to be correct with 5. I correctly identified all 5 Friends 3 different times (5 different Friends each time) without even needing 1 skip but on the 5th Friend each and every time, the confirm button just kept spinning ........

They also gave me the option to have a text code of 6 digits to my phone in which never arrived ever ............ It's hard to confirm, copy and paste 6 numbers that you never get.

Another option was to choose which comments and/or posts were mine in the recent past ...... same situation, I identified them all correctly but the confirm button never worked.......

Oh well, once again Friends I do apologize & No, I didn't "Unfriend" you on Facebook!

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Nancy29 Premium
How do you start a new Facebook account? They disabled my account and I can't seem to get as far as you have. It happened when I switched from my private account that used a nickname to my business email info.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Use a different email address Nancy, my friend.
Nancy29 Premium
Well that's easy! I feel a bit foolish, but happy I asked. Thanks!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tony.
Tguth Premium
This is sad but true if you was going to put a bunch of fake stuff on their they wood let it go on. I dont understand how face book can let people on the site. That will try take your money or scam you.

RJG1000 Premium
Facebook has had so many problems over the years, I'm glad I'm not on that platform. I tried it once, as a business user, only to receive an email from Facebook that they were going to delete my account, as I didn't sign up properly. Yes, they did delete my account, which I had for about 3 weeks. I don't miss Facebook at all. If I want to communicate with a friend, I'll get on the phone and give them a call.
lynnsam61 Premium
Wow that sounds pretty crazy! Something to be aware of for sure.