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Hi , I am a total newbe to I.M. 65yrs young and very willing learn.
Hobby, love reading and sports.
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tony g Premium
Do I have to finish the 12 lessons first before I can move on,
even though I want to specialise in PPC marketing
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
tony g Premium
many thanks Jamie,
Jay Couture Premium
Tony, I saw that you were having trouble understanding the "common keyword technique", can I help you in any way explaining this to you in further depth? Feel free to email me or respond with your question and I will gladly see what I can do! To your Success!
larry1956 Premium
Hi, I seen that you were having difficulties navigating back to the chapter that you left off. Just hit the "bookmark this Page!" at the lower left hand corner of the page that you left off on and then goto yo"My Bookmarks" and click on the page that you want to get back to and it should take you to the last chapter that you completed. Hopes this helps! Oh by the way would you like to be on My Buddy's List?
tony g Premium
Many thanks Larry1956 for the help. have a great day.