Not the easiest thing.

Last Update: June 27, 2016

I am not the best at concentrating,my mind just wanders too much and the depression and mental illness does not help.This is why my rank has not moved in quite a while and why I do very little here,however what I think will help me get my mind more geared and motivated is reading for pleasure.I seen the time when I read books and I enjoyed them,so I began reading one yesterday,I figured if one is in the reading zone then it is much easier follow and understand the programs here;it certainly will help with word usage.

So, as I said I began reading yesterday and as the years went by I have gathered quite a collection of books.I have begun with the international best seller "The Thorn Birds" , I remember watching the whole series of videos on this and was incredibly moved by the relationship between Father Debriccasant and Meggie,any one that has seen the films or read the books will know what I mean,such a wonderful story of how a young lady could fall for a catholic priest.The thorn birds was written 30 years ago and taking this into consideration the Vatican would not looked on this relationship well,it would have been strictly forbidden and that is why it makes the story so powerful.Although this becomes the main part of the story,it is also about the place called "Drogheda" which is a huge ranch,the comings and the goings of the family in good times and through hardships.Its well worth a read or a watch if you are getting the videos.

My thinking is when one starts to read again then it is easier to switch on to other things.

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sSchovajsa Premium
Reading is how I stopped smoking. I love Karen Kingsbury books, so it was easy to quit smoking.
LizPB Premium
Good idea! Reading is a great distraction.
tomtitty006 Premium
Thanks guys for your comments
JudeP Premium
I absolutely loved the show and the book :)
GeoffGS Premium
Reading is one of the most important things a writer can do. Growing up I read all the time. So many books. That past really helps my current writing, and I still read of course. It'll definitely help your writing mind because we write way different than we talk. :)