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Last Update: January 05, 2017

I have not written here in quite a while now.I don,t want to know peoples personal business but I am curious to know that if people are making money here.I know it is more than possible to make money from here but I was wondering who would post the length of time that one has been here and whether they are making some kind of income.I have to get stuck in this year and beware of distractions,like playing games.

I have a new dog now and she is a black lab - pointer cross,she gets 2 and half to three hours exercise in the morning,a good hour in the afternoon and the same at night.This keeps me quite busy so the only time I will be able to work and learn is when she is asleep.

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discoden Premium
How about you, have you made money through WA?
discoden Premium
Hi Tomtitty006, great question... and your question seems to be a common question but not answered clearly or directly here. You have to do a little digging around.

I think the definition of success vary from person to person. It can be measured in monetary terms or in non-monetary terms.

But to answer your question from my own experience, if I have made money here (if success = monetary gain) then the answer is No and Yes.

No, I have not made any money from doing affiliate marketing, from websites i've created through WA or by promoting WA.

Yes, I have made money from going through the WA courses, learning how to create websites using wordpress. The earnings came from creating websites for a sporting club, small businesses and individuals. The earnings aren't exactly life changing and not on going. But recently I've learnt one step further that if I actually host the websites I designed for my clients and charge not only for designing their website but also for hosting fee, then I can create an ongoing income for myself. :-)

So now I selected a hosting company and opened an account which allows me to create unlimited number of websites. I then charge clients for my web design service as well as for hosting their sites! :-) Some sites are hosted here in WA, some sites are hosted from another hosting company.

My original purpose of being here in WA is to learn affiliate marketing techniques and generate an ongoing (passive) income to help me create an option to retire early (before I turn 65!). So I'm giving myself this year, 2017, to see if I will have the discipline to continue with the WA program. If I continue to find myself being distracted with other things such as not having time to write decent content for my niche site, not having time because I have other websites to build for clients, or because of other personal commitments, then I will concede and say that affiliate marketing via WA may not be for me and paying the WA fee monthly or annually would be just too costly for me.

I hope my answer gives you a bit of insight from a WA member who joined in 2014 like yourself. :-)
drjec Premium
You can ask the general question in search and see posts that document successes.
Numerous Premium
In the search bar above type in "My first", "I earned", "I made", "success at wealthy affiliate", or anything similar that you can think of. It will bring up a bunch of success posts that people have put up regarding their experience here on WA.