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Last Update: May 04, 2016

For the last several months I have been receiving spam addressed to my website E-Mails. Since I have them redirected to my personal E-mail address this is where I get them. But, the funny thing about all of this is that the e-mail address they are originating from is from the same website address that it is sent to. Example: From: To: I am just curious as to how they are doing this, is there an app or program that is being used. If so how do I block them or stop this from happening? I am getting tired of marking them spam and deleting them.

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terry6 Premium
I have had the same thing happen on Yahoo and Verizon emails. It is not just wa.
rosieM Premium
I just finished 'Googling' about is fairly common and I could not see one readily available solution other than change your password and one technical article that was not of much help either. aaaagh!
cena1975 Premium
Are you using the WA hosting email?
WA email platform have really lot of spam and not able to change password. Seriously this need to be imporve
Sheila50 Premium
Yeah Tom I agree with Tony that I would check with support about that one.
Hope they can help you!
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Wow Tom,

It appears as though you are sending yourself spam emails.

Just kidding of course but it looks to me like a pretty sophisticated system to make it appear as though you are sending the emails.

I would check with support and see what they say.

Let us know if they can help please and thank you Tom,