Why is this one different?

Last Update: February 17, 2018

My wife and I were sitting, watching some of the news coverage of the memorial in Parkland — the latest catchword in our lexicon of mass murder.

And the tears were just flowing. Couldn't stop. I was confused....

Why is it different this time? We saw the scenes of Las Vegas.... Santa Barbara..... VA Tech.... Sandy Hook....

Why is this one so much more poignant? Why does my heart just ache for these young people, those teachers?

I'm not sure. It might be due to my 30+ years as a secondary school teacher. It might be those half-grown, almost-realized near-adult faces that slide across the screen, knowing they are all they will ever be, never to be more. Maybe it's the parent part of me, thinking of all my (grown) kids, and their kids, and their future, their life, their chance to be....

I don't know.... But I do know it is. It IS different this time....


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codevonish Premium
I can understand especially if you are a former teacher. When I taught in the UK something like this was unheard of.The addiction to big money is clouding our judgement. Sad, Very sad.
tobocrs Premium
I'm sorry I'm restricted to only 1 like...
In Facebook, I'd have made it a 3> !
DEversley Premium
That is so very true, Tim!! It feels so different this time! Can't explain it...
I cried too. It seemed different for most. I have never seen so many newscasters, politicians etc. affected in this way. One thing for sure, this will be the one to get things moving in the right direction.

Maybe that's the reason this is so different!

tobocrs Premium
We can only hope!
Those kids are awesome, so poised so articulate! I read that it is the ever-present social media in their lives, from their earliest days, that makes them that way: comfortable and used to expressing themselves instantly....
How is it that kids who refuse to make/take phone calls can express themselves so well when needed!
A mystery!
MKearns Premium
Definitely a sad state of affairs!
buffetearns Premium
How can we make sense of these things, I think the sense must come from within. Keep spreading the Love!

These are external factors that we can’t control. We can have some external understanding from what is being reported.

I think it is difficult to be able to comprehend theses situations.

JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
tragedy strikes us all differently but i agree with you that heartache is always difficult prayers to the kids and to you and your wife that you might find some healing