Page 2 — Finally!

Last Update: February 24, 2018

I've been working on Lesson 5, Course 2 for the past week, although it seems like more!

I guess it's true: "If this writing stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it!"

Didn't expect it to take this long, though....

Things learned: it gets easier the more you do it. My first page was MUCH harder to finish. I changed the keyword a half-dozen times, changed the whole concept of the page more than twice, and never did manage to squeeze out 1,000 words

Now, though, the keyword stayed the same (although its connection with the rest of the page is not as tight as when I started!) and the overall concept only shifted, not totally changed.

Further, I now know what my next 3 or 4 posts will be about, and I can see a pattern going forward into the distant future!

I can't wait to find out how to "clean up" the look of my pages with images, etc.

Starting now......

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RositaW Premium
Keep going you are making progress, you have thought of what your next 3 or 4 posts are going to be. Well done
skendrick4 Premium
Well done! You are making progress.
MKearns Premium
It looks like you're headed in the right direction Tim. This looks like a two steps forward 1 step back rather than the reverse!
denara2017 Premium
Good for you. My first page took several days. When you have an extra minute, look at to see all the mistakes in one spot. Please let me know what you think. We may have a lot in common.
tobocrs Premium
Yes, Dennis, I think we DO have a lot in common: retirees trying to knock out a little — I think my grandmother's phrase was 'pin money'!
I can see what you're doing with your website, and I can also see you're further along in the training than I am... What I can't do is tell you how to correct the main problem that I, as well as you, I'm sure, find on your site: organization.
I don't know how to turn that menu (it can only be the menu) across the top into categories, sections, each of which will give a list of posts. I'm not that far to know how to categorize, how to link pages into groups. You've got it with the Monthly Link for posts, but how to get them down off the menu — I haven't a clue!
Let me know when you get it figured out, or when you find a lesson that deals with that. Conversely, I'll PM you back if I find the answer in a lesson, too!
Thanks for the support...
Whew! Easier to write comments and critiques than pages! Is there money in that?
billy947 Premium
Your synopsis is great. I have found out, the more U write the better you get. The pictures should come as you are in the content stage. Thru have over a 1,000,000 to choose from. Best of luck.