Traffic, Keywords, etc. for New Members

Last Update: April 16, 2016

I continue to get asked this by new WA students and by my blog audience about how to leverage traffic and keywords.

This, of course, I have all learned from Wealthy Affiliate's daily classes as well as Jay's webinars.

But this is a post I created after really sinking my teeth into the WA training. I think it would help other new members understand how to leverage keywords, keyword placement, and what you do after you post new content as well as...

This Will Give You All A Simple Check List On Blogging/Posting For High Rankings.

This is what I learned here and what has worked for me so successfully. Hope it can help others. Cheers, Todd

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Brooklyn2008 Premium
I read your article, and this is really great. You took what we learnt in the courses and really expanded it. Sometimes I need to read or learn things a few times to really get a good understanding of it.
Thanks for this!
2Al Premium
Todd, thank you for sharing what you've learned here at WA.
tomtitty006 Premium
Did you begin with Wealthy affiliate or were you always a marketer.You certainly have a very good website,and I only glanced at it.It is very obvious you know what you are doing.I will have been here two years on May and only ever went through the green button training,I only ever earned a few pounds thanks to a friend buying from my Amazon associates account.
tmaltz Premium
In May it will be two years for me too. Everything I learned, I learned from wealthy affiliate. Every day I make money online from this site and others. Now that I have passive income coming in, I'm able to focus on another site that I think is going to be really big. But all in due time. You can achieve the same results if you just take the classes and put in the work. Best of luck, Todd
tomtitty006 Premium
Well this is enlightening.I know I should go through the training,is just disciplining one,s self.Thanks for getting back.
RobinHudson Premium
Thanks Todd. I read it start to finish... you did a great job!
PjGermain Premium
Excellent article Todd!!! Well done bro!