Why I Became A Premium Member The Day I Signed Up

Last Update: February 20, 2015

Sometimes you just know when something is meant to be.

When I was in high school I got my first job. Bagging groceries at a grocery store. It wasn't a glamorous job and it didn't pay real great. $1.65 was the minimum wage those days. I worked hard and kept my money in a big mayonnaise jar in my closet. I couldn't be bothered with the banks. I wanted to keep my money close.

More than anything else like most teenage boys I wanted to buy a car. I didn't want to buy and old one and fix it up. I wanted a brand new car.

So, I worked every day after school and longer shifts on the weekends.

The day I graduated from high school I decided I'd count the money in the mayonnaise jar. Just under $2000.

I went down to the local car dealer and saw a couple of cars. One was a Cadillac and the other was a VW bug. Both were brand new! Believe it or not I really liked the VW bug. It was blue with light blue pinstripes, had dual exhausts, mag wheels and was the first year the VW put air conditioners in the car.

I saw it and I knew it was just meant to be.

So I went to my parents car and pulled out my mayonnaise jar and told the salesman I wanted to buy the VW. Out the door with taxes and license the car cost me a total of $1896. Yes cars were cheaper way back in the stone age. The Cadillac would have cost me a cool $6250. But I didn't want that big old gas hog. I mean gas was a whopping 23 cents a gallon after all.

Anyway I'm rambling, but the point I wanted to make was ... Sometimes you just know when something is meant to be.

The day I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate I was totally blown away with all the free training and the size and friendliness of the community. I was welcomed by many and jumped right into the getting started training. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a place where I could learn how to make money online. And it was free. You can't beat that.

As I worked myself through the first couple of lessons I learned about the premium membership. All I could think about was if the free stuff is this great ... just imagine what the premium membership would be like.

I looked at the investment to be a premium member (yes I think of it as an investment not a cost) and it only made sense to me that I needed to make this small investment in my future. I knew it would pay benefits far beyond what I was paying for.

So about 2 hours after I signed up for the free membership I made the decision to be a premium member. I haven't been around all that long yet .... but I know it was the absolute right decision for me. Maybe it will be for you too.

Because sometimes you just know when something is meant to be.

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Christabelle Premium
What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed your story about your first car and you are right, sometimes you just know!
Debbi26 Premium
I'm glad you made that decision but the trip down memory lane was cool too. I remember when gas was that low (high at the time for a teen).
AndreBurt Premium
Great blog. Meaningful and straight to the point. I too am a hard worker and I believe we should learn how to make money not work for it.
floridajf Premium
So true, really glad to see that you made such an awesome decision by choosing to become a Premium member. Enjoyed reading about your story regarding your first car, thought it was really interesting. Keep up the great work :)
VictorMei Premium
Hey, I can remember those 23 cent a gallon gas prices, also. I made the same decision you did but mine came a day later and glad I made the change.