Why a website on cremation?

Last Update: October 08, 2017

"Don't you find it morbid to have a website on cremation, urns, and keepsakes?"

I get asked this question all the time.

Simple...we all have to die and it is happening much faster these days, it seems.


With my personal experience over the past four years I have found it much more economical and less stressful on the family and friends to just perform a cremation; then, if you want a private memorial service there is not so much involved in planning. After two burials and two cremations plus one body donation, cremation was the best choice for my family.


On my website, I give reports and news links to the increase in popularity of cremation as the new alternative to the costly burials and full service funerals. Also, I have a blog post on Free Cremation by donating the body to science. What a gift this is for student doctors to perform studies on the body. Once the study is complete they will have the remains cremated and returned.


The stress of losing a loved one is hard enough but then you have to gather all the information, check to see if you have life/burial insurance, cemetary plot, grave markers/headstones, etc. Then you have to list all the information to have the obituary written up, plan for pallbearers, florists, caskets, colors, clothing, and the list goes on.

Wal-Mart Urns

Even with cremation, funeral homes can still charge you a large sum if you utilize a lot of their services, but it depends on what your preference is. I have links to affordable cremation urns and keepsakes to purchase for adults, children, and pets.

Affordable Pet Urn

You have more selections and tremendous savings. I'm not out to make money for myself cashing in on this, though I would be paid a small percentage for the sales if you use my links to purchase, but I just don't like to sit back and watch the funeral homes cash-in on someone else's grief.


So, I hope this clarifies why I have this website/niche. It is not what someone would expect, but something that is very much needed. I hope you found this helpful.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions and I will get back to you.


Tammy (MoonRaven)

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AaronNewsom Premium
Tammy one thing I have learned about and on cremation is that it is alot more personal
Carol46 Premium
Well, how interesting is your website, I must admit I hadn't thought of that niche and you will do very well with it, Tammy.
Tjennings122 Premium
Thank you. I could not find one on here so I went with it. And with all my dealings over the past four years it seemed appropriate.
TammiP Premium
You have a very weird niche. But it seems to be working!! Great post.

MKearns Premium
If you take the emotion out it's a rip roaring business!
akollor123 Premium
I found this to be very interesting and engaging in all honesty. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes on your journey to success...
Tjennings122 Premium
Thank you so much for your kind words.

Have a blessed day~