My Time with WA

Last Update: October 11, 2017

Guess you are wondering what I mean by the title?

Well, within the two months I have been with WA I have learned so much you think you were in a whirlwind with all the information, but the training has been great and well laid out to follow with ease.


What I have accomplished:

  • My progress thus far
    • Recently I have completed Certification Courses Level 2 and 3 and soon Level 4
    • Also completed Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Something I have learned thus far.
    • So much more than I could have ever imagined
    • I have learned things about social media I never knew or understood until now
    • I have learned all about various plug-ins and what they do for your websites
    • I really enjoy the Google Analytics and how it breaks down your traffic

  • A question that I may have.
    • I've only had a couple of questions as I read what others are asking as well and if it relates to anything I need information, as you can always go back through the lessons to refresh. Plus the WA community is very helpful as well.
    • I would like to see more updates in the social media aspect as there have been updates since the creation of the videos.

  • Any successes (not just financial, but things I am proud of)
    • I have not earned any money as of yet but I know it is coming
    • I'm just glad to be a part of WA and learning all of this great information. A long time ago I had taken a class in Web Design and was hardly taught as the instructor was so fast you didn't have time to know what you were doing. Kyle does a great job teaching you step-by-step, and you build a website in less than 30 seconds once you sign up! I am very proud of my accomplishments!
    • I enjoy being able to help others with their questions when possible.
    • I enjoy the interaction with all the great people I have met on WA!

  • My plans and goals in the upcoming 3-6 months
    • The sky is the limit~
    • You get back what you put into it and I hope to do well and be able to help others on their journey.

Thank you Kyle and Carson

I want to thank Kyle and Carson for such a great teaching platform and community. This has very easy-to-follow instruction for creating your own on-line business. There had been a lot of "what-ifs" in the social media before this but once I had done the training here it makes sense and I know how to navigate through the majority of them now!

As I have stated in a previous blog, WA is my new Facebook, and it keeps my mind busy and interacting with others in a positive, constructive way. It has kept me focused even more, once I bounce back from my seizure episodes, and gives me something to look forward to in accomplishing the rest of my goals.

Thank you all for your time in reading this. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Have a blessed evening~

Tammy (MoonRaven)

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MJLaupp Premium
"Trust the process" - yes!! I'm right there with you. I feel like I've taken a couple of college courses - maybe more than a couple - in the time I've been a WA member. Keep up the good work!
Tjennings122 Premium
It is a process for sure, but well worth it.
mikewood1975 Premium
This is great. It looks like you have been busy, and we should be grateful for our successes, monetary or not. I love this system.
Meekandlowly Premium
I just want to say thanx TJ. Thanx for being my friend. Thanx for encouraging us. I
Tjennings122 Premium
Thank you J-Lee. I do hope this helps!
MKearns Premium
Great goaling process Tammi!
Tjennings122 Premium
Thanks Mike!
subcpo14 Premium
Thanks for documenting the progress you have made. Agree with many of your points. Another newbie. Jay
Tjennings122 Premium
Thanks Jay. Wasn't sure how to really answer some of that but it just flowed the best it could in "my" terms!!
subcpo14 Premium
No question. Just great to see from this newbie. Great job. Jay