Lazy ME-Day

Last Update: September 26, 2017

Not sure what today was about but I was lazy. I didn't want to turn on my computer, kindle, or phone. Basically just watched TV and slept most of the time, taking care of furbabies too!

When I first woke early this morning it was to a strange sound outside my window. I rolled over and had to get my phone to capture this image: 10 turkeys!!

I'm used to deer, skunks, opossum, raccoon, etc...not turkeys. They were cute though!

So after that excitement I checked out my emails and WA. Not really being active a couple of days I know my ranking will be frozen or fall, but that's okay. We all need a break every now and then.

Just know that it is OK to take the time to Breathe!

Wondering why WA is so quiet the past couple of days it finally hit me--this is the new Fall Season Premiere Week on TV!!! Guilty, I watched NCIS, Bull, and NCIS-NOLa! They were good but not worth the hype leading up to it.

So after tonight I will return in full swing and see what I need to do next here. Hope you all have a blessed day.

Remember to ~Just Be~

Tammy (MoonRaven)
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subcpo14 Premium
Great that you took a break. Jay
Swangirl Premium
I have never seen wild turkeys. Were these wild? We don't have any of those things. We don't have deer or skunks or possums.

We have squirrels, birds, moose, bears and in more remote areas, wild things like weasels, coyotes, fox, wolves, woverines, lynx, beavers, muskrats, otters, owls, hawks, many cool critters. Swans, loons, grebes, kingfishers...all those were around my home growing up. Even hummingbirds in summer and warblers, thrushes, many!
Tjennings122 Premium
Yes, they were wild turkeys. Sounds like you have your own personal zoo there!!! I love nature and all the animals. Just sad they didn't leave me any feathers :(
Swangirl Premium
Yes, I only see a few now that I live near the city! I miss them! You are lucky.
mickeyb123 Premium
You gotta take some ME time, every once in a while.
Lazyblogger Premium
Hi Tammy, I must admit, I have lots of those days, especially with the new NFL season on television. Hope to figure out my priorities soon. Thank you for sharing and make it a blessed day as well.
Tjennings122 Premium
Thank you!
TammiP Premium
It"s okay to be lazy and spend some time with the furbabies!!!