What an insane year it has been

Last Update: September 10, 2014

I joined WA almost 1 year ago! Wow! And while I haven't had the "success" I initially hoped, that is only my fault.

WA helped me discover a lot about myself. I rediscovered my love of writing, gained some self happiness and confidence, and befriended some great people.

After an amazing, adventure filled summer and a busy move a province over, I am finally settled down and ready to kick off year 2 just right.

I took a break from WA to really discover what I was passionate about. Basically, writing and traveling are always on my mind, with music being up there as well. I will continue with my rnr authority site/ get on there and update the heck out of it, as well as start a new site. I am not sure where it is going to go, but I am taking things slow. If you expect success to happen in a day then you need a reality check. I'm proof that it may take years. You may go one direction, then turn around and head another. You have to find what you are truly passionate about, and commit your time. Finding your true passions may take a while.

I am finally ready to commit! Looking forward to working with all of you again!

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NWTDennis Premium
Sounds like the time away was good for you. There's no question one has to be driven to commit the time it takes to learn, create, and succeed here at WA. I applaud your persistence. Your patients will pay dividends for you. Wishing you a satisfying and successful year 2.
Gordi Premium
Welcome back Taylor. We will have to get together soon. You are in Alberta now?
TJ7774 Premium
I sure am! We should definitely get together soon :)
Sui_generis Premium
Welcome back. VERY weird, I was just thinking of you and your earlier trip this morning.
TJ7774 Premium
Awe :) That is nice to hear.
Thank you! I am glad to be back
teacup Premium
Welcome back Taylor