Still alive!

Last Update: June 03, 2014

Hey all! Day 2 of our trip is winding down. I was hopin to get a blog post up tonight but some serious technology issues. I promise to get one up tomorrow. So far it's been an awesome experience but I won't say much else. You'll have to wait for the blog! We have been updating on Facebook twitter and g+. You can go to my profile and find the links as well as our site.

Appreciate any follow/share, and will return the favor.

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's blog!

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Gordi Premium
Whereabouts are you? Heading east or west?
burnzy Premium
Cant wait for that blog!!!
Have a great day!
JRCM Premium
Thanks for the update.
BIS Premium
I would post the link - because the majority of people won't go looking for it. (I know you have posted it before but you need to do it each time if you want people to look). :) Beverley
TJ7774 Premium
I mean my sites blog. Not blog at WA!