Our Short Meaningless Lives

Last Update: April 18, 2017

That is how it was described by the "bug" in Men in Black.

Some live about one hundred years, most less. It is hard to portion out our lives when we are young. When we grow old, some of us, that becomes a big problem. For example:

I like to fish. That's hard when your body is going out.

I like to paint. I would like to improve, but that takes time and more painting. I have only so many canvases left and a long list of request from my family members--one more flower before you die, one more bird, one more landscape.

I like to write. I published a novel last hear on Amazon. I would like to write one more. How would that stop me from doing the other things I want to do.

I like to go birding and I like to photograph birds and landscapes. How do I squeeze that in and who will take me. I don't drive more than 20 miles without someone pushing me out of the driver seat--where do you think you are going, Grandpa?

I would like to travel to see my great grand-kids but airline travel is hard for me and I have to have someone take me and the airlines have to wheelchair me around.

If We Only Lived Longer

It would be nice if people did live longer. George Washington could still be president. Albert Einstein could be explaining the wonders of Hubble. Boogie could still be making films. Van Gogh could still be showing us what to do with color. Mozart could still be creating his great music. Who would you add to this list? Probably your grandparents or great grandparents or your sister or cousin or lover.

But our life is short. Time, our most precious commodity, runs out too fast and we hardly notice that.

All we can do is not waste it.

We need to schedule our lives. Perhaps we need to get up an hour earlier and go to bed an hour later. They are good times for working our Internet businesses, something I had to back off of even though it is fun. My interest is not in making money. My interest is in helping others to achieve there goals.

Schedule your life, dear friends.


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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, TJ.
TJ Books Premium
You are welcome, Rog!
Donnie58 Premium
Deep thoughts, John. Very deep!

It makes you consider what we waste our time on!

As a Christian, myself, I know the Bible tells me, "Your life is but a vapor that appears for a little time..." So true! I'm 58 now, almost 59, and it seems like yesterday that I was in high school.

I know what you mean about traveling at an older age. My mom turns 89 next week! (I'm going to Colorado to see her.) She says the same thing about traveling that you do. She just can't do it anymore. She also says it seems like yesterday that she was a little girl!

Time really does fly! We need to make the best of it, like you said!

Enjoy your family and the time you have left, and take care of yourself, my friend! That's all we have!
TJ Books Premium
That is exactly what I was saying. Live after birth.
mijareze Premium
I can understand John's point because I'll be 60 this year and mortality seems much more of a reality to me, especially with all my health issues. awrocksu also has a very valid point. I believe in life in the hereafter. One that is promised to us that will be much better. No more pain and sickness.
Naturally we are talking about two different things. In our next life, we will be in the presence of God.
Warm regards,
Ed Mijarez
TJ Books Premium
I often wonder if for some there is life after birth. Thanks!
awrocksu Premium
Or you can accept eternal life through Jesus Christ. How amazing that world is going to be! I am excited thinking about it. THis lost world is dead.
TJ Books Premium
Sounds like my great grand-kids. lol John
garland1 Premium
Really enjoyed the post, makes you stop and think. When I lived with my Granpa it was out of bed before the sun came up and back in from riding the tractor when the sun went down. Not a minute of daylight was wasted. I need to get back into that frame of mind :)
TJ Books Premium
We have a lot of farmers here too. Thanks!