What is an Entrepreneur?

Last Update: July 06, 2017

What is an Entrepreneur?

In my opinion an entrepreneur is a leader, a teacher, a friend, who by example encourages all to step up getting involved. First to start the day and last to knock off. Any falling behind will find an entrepreneurs encouragement guiding them forward. Those in the middle will see an entrepreneur moving forward with guidance.

Being first in and last out encourages others to step up and firing up more leaders. Success is a team effort pushing all over the line in front of him. Giving the team all the glory by first creating faith and belief.

Entrepreneurs are the statesmen and stateswomen of the business World.

Entrepreneurs know that belief turns to faith based on truth, assurance, and action. Entrepreneurs practice wining the war without a loss. One thing most so called entrepreneurs on the internet lack is that internet entrepreneurs are not leaders, teachers, or a real friend but just ripoff promoters leaving most new comers up the top of a payment ladder without any support. I know as I have been there and lost badly.

I have two entrepreneurs teaming up as my mentors. The internet is a massive Web catching many out making it necessary to have a mentor or two. There are many ways to do every little thing on the internet let alone the big things.

Over 80% of new comers fail because of the web of trails leading in many directions and scammers promoting only to make fast money for themselves giving the web a bad name.

My two mentors Jennylyn and the Teddy Bear are real Entrepreneurs as they give more than take. My biggest problem is I do not like owing any person anything. I do not care if they owe myself something. I want to give more than take as I feel guilty that I may be letting someone down. I am starting to feel that I owe them more than they owe myself. I will be recommending them without hesitation as true mentoring entrepreneurs.

In WA a few days ago now I saw a very honest video by the Teddy Bear which is a rarity on the net.


This and his blog is now one of my Bibles.

So Thank You Teddy Bear for your time.

Listen all WA members if you want to go ahead listen and read his blog every day until it sinks in and then revise it every few weeks.

We are supposed to go to church to be reminded what we are here on this earth for every Sunday so include this training.

That is if you want to Really, Really want to go places. The same with all WA training just keep reviewing it until it sinks in. SO,

Put yourself on the line and be the Master of your own time. Tom Short.

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ChrisScott Premium
You are such a great and mighty friend. You are a stand-up guy upright in ethics and value second to none. Live forever, Tom.

-The Teddy Bear
markr0675 Premium
Great post. Reminds me of my Dad. I hope to be the entrepreneur that he was.
Thanks Tom.
MKearns Premium
I agree Tom. They both excel!
Ivine Premium
Hi Tirolith, thanks for the very informative post. Irv.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for this info. Every little bit helps. I appreciate it.