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Good Morning WA, how are ya?

Hey, don’t you know me? I’m your Native Bear. I want to start off by saying that I was going to actually show you more than just an ugly face this morning. I wanted to get into teaching you a little about the structure a good post should have...about templates...about patterns.

What I found in the commencement of this series is that I am so emotionally involved in your success I ended up simply talking to you like an old friend. I hope this is nottoo much love and that you can handle it.

In this First Part of Creative Writing

I want to talk to you about the truth we should walk in if we expect to create content that will actually convert. You see, people buy from people, not Websites. However, there is a person behind that website and that website needs to be transparent so you CAN BE SEEN. Stop hiding behind anonymity and stand upright and be a Stand-Up Bear and you will make it, sweet, buddy of mine....and youse gonna make it BIG!!

That's right, ….on up.....yeah, they see you now. First step? Tell the truth now, don't lie and say it isn't about the money. Yes, this is a passion as it should be but you want to make a dollar or two. If you do not you can send it to me because I can help others with it and myself. If it isn't anything about the money then you are a few fries short of a Happy Meal. I tell you what, the day the money stops coming,this Teddy Bear does too.

No Man Has Monopoly on The Truth

Occasionally I will see some nut say something like.."Hey Marion, Great Job on Something I Already Wrote About." What BS that is!!! Let me let you in on a little secret. We can only write about what we have seen and heard. You haven't had an original thought in your life. There is nothing new under the sun. Just because it is new to you when YOU DISCOVER it does not mean it is a new concept because everything old is new again. Look how far you had to come to get back where you started from.

We hear about how Columbus discovered America. Yeah..Right!! The idiot was lost. America discovered him, there were the true owners of the land when the thief arrived and it was NOT a good thing. What is normal for the spider is sheer terror for the fly.

What I'm about to share with you are Truths, Universal Truths. What I want to give you is a little thought behind that action you need to take to cause a reaction. These truths are self-evident and belong to the freaking universe so if they fit your shoot the damn things.

You control your destiny in large part by not how hard you hit but how hard you can damn get hit...and get back up and keep going. I want you to not only know what to do but WHY YOU are doing them, but not only you, why are your customers doing what they are doing?

I want you to understand that by your actions causing reactions why THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY DO. I want you to pursue...and obtain Greatness. How am I going to do this? I'm Glad You Asked. I'm going to give you a little Science to the Satisfaction.

Life Is Not Fair

Don't just hang around all day looking morose.

I don't want to know why you can't do it. I want to know why you can. I sure don't want to hear that it is because of him or her or because you are this or that. If you are on the computer, on the Mighty WA and are Reading what I have typed...One Damn Finger At A Time, while I murder the English Language and cuss...You can make it. If I did you can do it!!

I can either tell the truth here...or I can be Politically Correct. Since I have NEVER been Politically Correct my entire Life...I guess I'll just tell the truth. It Is That Simple. Did you catch what I just said? NO DAMMIT!! Not the political correct thingy..what followed..the “It Is That Simple.

The Biggest Lie People tell me all the time when I am Mentoring them in real time one on one and they open their mouth and mind is that it isn't that simple. It is, you just watched Kyle, or I or someone else do it right before your eyes. It is that simple, click here click there. You just haven't gotten ahold of it good enough for it to be that simple TO YOU ... yet.....You Stick With Me here at WA, will be FREAKING GLORIOUS!!

Life isn't Fair...Teddy Bear!! Well, No Sh*t. Whoever said Life Was Fair? I hear people saying...all the time, (the stupidest word in the English Language), “Unbelievable.” Really? Unbelievable? Well, guess what. That little thing you PM me about you read in my bio and say it is unbelievable has not been updated since September 2016.

Last Month it actually made a lot more money than that!! That Video Did go Viral, That girl did just flip all the way around 4 times before landing on her feet and you CAN DAMN DO IT!!

They Did Hit the Lottery. Just because you don't have Faith that it can happen to you, stop being the Kill Joy for others. It Is Possible it is Believable. It Just Happened, it happens all the damn time. Maybe it would happen to you...if you just believe until you achieve.

Define Your FEAR and grow by it.

Don't Deny Your Fear..Declare it. Too many people are trying to act like they are unafraid. Well...if you had been where I have been and seen what I have seen and EXPERIENCED what I have experienced, you would have been afraid. I have actually been asked, "Were you afraid? Oh, hell yeah...I was petrified.

I promise you. There have been times that I have experienced in my life.... I will not go into here simply because you would say something stupid like, “Unbelievable” know what I did when they would happen? I Soiled Myself...and not just once.

However, I'm still standing Baby After All This Time!! I want to be able to find you in 6 months or a year from now at WA with a big Smile on your face telling me about all the damn money you are making. That's right!!! The Bear said it. You Rank Monkeys and WA Police go tell, Kyle. I don't care. I'm not talking to YOU anyway. I'm talking to the ones that are HUNGRY.

FEAR is an acrostic.

It stands for False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. Too many think it means F*** Everything and Run!! No, You, however, Stand Upright and Raise Your Swords and Fight!! Courage is NOT the absents of fear but the ability to function in SPITE OF IT!!

Who are you...Right Now?

Sometimes I have to strip down from Medals, Rank, and Gun all the way down to the essentials of who the Teddy Bear is. I strip to the bag of muscle and bones held together with sinew, tendons, and skin and strip myself of anything and EVERYTHING that IS NOT ME!!! Clear the Cache of your life.

Michael Angelo Created a beautiful Angel Statue out of a piece of so-called good for nothing marble someone had thrown away. He picked it up out of the garbage heap and began to chip away creating a less than an hour.

Someone asked him how he did it. They ask him how he made it look simple. He said it was....just that simple. He said he was about to walk into the workshop when he saw the angel trapped in stone and it cried out to him, so he picked it up and freed it by simply chipping away all the pieces that it was not.

Far too many of you are locked in stone.....break out.....and spread your wings. Get the Dross out even if you have to be tried in a furnace. If you will come forth as GOLD!! Thank you.

PS. In a nutshell, success is nothing more than the systematic acquisition of skill first in Theory and then in Practice.

Please Do Not Miss Part 1. Click Here.

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Tirolith Premium
Thanks Chris for your honesty. We are all responsible for our actions but most people want to blame anything else for their failings. No two people are the same in this World. We learn from one another every day. Thank you once again for your time and effort in making us a better person. Every day we must improve on yesterday and then improve tomorrow on today.
"Honesty is the best policy."
ChrisScott Premium
So true, my good friend, Tom. Thank you very much.
RaniaM Premium
Hello Chris
Thanks for sharing this post and video.. It is very inspiring and full of great tips.. I really enjoyed reading it.. I liked what you said here:
people buy from people, not Websites. However, there is a person behind that website and that website needs to be transparent so you CAN BE SEEN. Stop hiding behind anonymity and stand upright and be a Stand-Up
nelsonrosa77 Premium
That's great Chris. To be yourself you need to know who you are. I like that. But to know yourself you have to listen to your Creator, otherwise, you are going to guess who you are or assume who you are, based on what people said about you or based on what you think about yourself.
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you Nelson for the love my friend, as it is muchly appreciated. I know you are God's man and have His ear.

NELSON!!!!!! Please don't forget to make a habit of praying for me.

In Jesus the Christ, I love ❤️ you so muchly!!
susanmacneil Premium
You are amazing, Teddy Bear. I love your honesty.

I will watch your video a second time when I need a great big shot of reality, because you deliver that in spades!

I laughed so hard listening to you hammer home harsh realities that need to be said. You say them with passion and conviction!

Absolutely delightful.

Thank you for your desire to help! What a gift you give to all.

ChrisScott Premium
Dear Susan, thanks so much. You inspire me to reach for the stars and I'm very muchly happy that it is mutual. The Bible says that Iron sharpens Iron so let's sharpen one another.

Thank you for your sweetness. You rock.
susanmacneil Premium
It is a deal!!!!! What a sweet deal it is!

Thank you!

ChrisScott Premium
PM me sometimes and say hello.
PeterVX Premium
Hey, Chris, very good. I realized my passion is not making money, but to do something about making this a better world, to do something about this crazy planet of ours, about the insanity that surrounds us. We may not be able to make it perfect, but we can do something to make things better. You know, for thousands of years we have had wars and people killing each other and imposing all kinds of suffering on others. And we are living our lives, like this is the most natural thing in the world. It isn't. I now know what I should be writing about and will invite others to do the same. Thanks for your message about truth.
ChrisScott Premium
You are very correct, Peter. Somebody please stop this crazy ball and let me off.

Thanks for the comment.
Gunnertwist Premium
So much truth, just awesome. Great video and post, Thank u so much for all your effort in this, it was inspiring, and very refreshing to hear and read.
I agree, if your heart and soul are not in what u are doing then it will show in your writing and people will see that and be turned away from it.
Thanks again :)