Just Finished Level One in Course Training

Last Update: April 26, 2018

I just finished Level One of course training. I can't believe how easy the walk through was. My perception was, that I would never get it. I would never get it. I am one of those people who don't understand that easily unless there are videos with breakdown instructions.

A couple months ago, I was contemplating if I should go back to college, but when they decided to stop my tuition for reasons that could be avoided a year ago, I decided to do something different because college wasn't going to be the answer. When I started to research about how to make money, affiliate marketing came up. WA came up on my research as well. I actually signed up a free member about a month ago and thought I was going to get back to it eventually, but I forgot about it honestly.

Well a month later, I saw an email from WA. I decided to get back on and started reading some posts. I said to myself "THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR". I just didn't see it. It was right in front of me the whole time and I didn't take the opportunity that I so desperately need.

Here in April 2018, I'm getting through training and understanding it. Who knew, Right!

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KimberlyD2 Premium
Congratulations, Tina!
HarveyBrown Premium
Well done Tina. The universe has a way of leading us to where we should be inspire of ourselves. Keep up the good work.
JeannineC Premium
Congrats on completing Level One. That's great! Now you know you can do it, so no matter what you run into in the future, you will be able to handle it all.
GinaU1 Premium
Congratulations on finishing lesson one. Kyle's training is amazing and it is so exciting to learn new things. Best wishes on your Affiliate Marketing journey. Looking forward to see you around the community!
tinaandjohn5 Premium
Thank You Gina. I really like his training a lot as well. It will definitely be a journey for sure:)
Alan Hocking Premium
Congratulations Tina keep moving forward! :)
tinaandjohn5 Premium
Thank You Alan:)