Gemiful Gems Scam Exposed

Last Update: Jan 30, 2023

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Hello Everyone

Today I want to talk about a scam that has been bought to my attention by a fellow member of the WA community. I advise everyone to be careful of these types of scams so you don't get scammed and loose money.

Gemiful Gems is an eCommerce website which sells jewellery and at first glance it looks like a really good and legit website. There are even 5 star testimonials on the homepage. But all is not as it seems.

The Red Flags

The first red flag I noticed is they did not say who they were and didn't give any information about their business. They also didn't say much about their products.

The discounts and giveaways are common with scammers. There are some legit affiliate products where the buyer just has to pay for shipping but this not an affiliate product. It's a fake scam website that wants to get your money.

The next red flag is the spamming they are doing. Gemiful Gems uses more than one instagram account to send spam messages to a lot of people and wants to offer them free products if the person pays for shipping or wants to collaborate with them.

Legit companies don't spam people with comments and messages asking them to collaborate and become an ambassador for them. A legit company also would not offer free products and ask you to pay the shipping.

If they really wanted to give you free products they would pay for shipping to and most legit companies I have seen will pay you to collaborate with you. The free products they are offering are a part of the scam and a way to try to bait you into giving them money.

You then would not get your products and if by some chance you did they would be something very cheap and poor quality from somewhere like China or another country that produces similar poor quality products.

It was also pointed out to me by a fellow WA member that the company is swpping GB pounds to USD in thier comments. This is not so much a red flags as all the other things I discussed so far but it doesn't look very professional to say the least.

As you can probably tell by now Gemiful Gems is a scam and a waste of time.
I'd be very careful with this website and don't give them any details or money. Always check websites out before considering signing up for something or purchasing something.

Don't give them any details or money until you know for sure if it is legit or not. Remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

My Findings

It has a lot of 1 star reviews on trustpilot with many reviewers saying they got the same messages on instagram from the same accounts. I also found that Scam Detector gives it a mediocre rating and found some suspicious links associated with the Gemiful Gems website.

That's what I found out from about 5 to 10 minutes of searching Google. After looking into it further I have discovered some more customer reviews and one in particular caught my eye.

The customer used a promo code on the website that Gemiful Gems sent her on instagram and paid for shipping for 3 free items. She never got her order and could not get in contact with the company. There was no answer on the phone or via email or instagram.

Therefore she lost the money which was $38 and this proves that this website is a scam. Don't purchase any thing from them and don't respond to their messages if you get any.

All in all Gemiful Gems is a scam and you should not trust them and do not engage with them or purchase anything from them under any circumstances.


Overall Gemiful Gems is a scam and you should not trust them. All of the red flag and findings I have shared here were just from spending a short time of less than 30 minutes looking into the company. If I took a lot more time and did a deep dive into this company I'd probably find a lot more evidence.

I hope this was useful and helps someone. I know this is not my usual type of post on my WA blog but I hate bullies and scammers and I enjoy exposing them. I like helping people and most all keeping them safe from scam. I do this as a part of one of my online businesses as well.

Finally I would like to say thank you to nevenats for bringing this scam to the attention of the WA community in your question earlier today. I would also like to thank everyone else that shared their thoughts on this scam as well. Stay safe everyone and don't get scammed.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

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Recent Comments


Okay, one more reason to work with merchants on quality networks. Those merchants have been vetted before they got on the platform. I can't say too much, just that I agree with Timothy - be very careful when you work with an in-house program. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.

Thank you Jennine

dealing with scammers, they do not like it when you ask questions. do not give them answers, just ask stupid simple questions, eventually they will move on and go away. We would get so many phone scammers where they say we've won the lottery -- afraid not people, one needs to buy a lottery ticket in order to win.

trust no one, unless you know what's up.

Yes you're right Denise. Whenever I asked scammers questions they get annoyed with me and try hard to prove they are legit. I also get a lot of phone scammers and email scammers claiming I have won money, a phone or some other prize.

I also get a lot of phone scammers calling me about the electricity or solar claiming I'm eligible for rebates, cheaper prices or free solar panels. I always tell them I'm not the homeowner so I can't have solar. Which is true as I live in a rental house.

But this annoys them and they always say ok sorry to bother you and they hang up. If they call about the electricity I tell them I'll call my electricity provider to confirm what they are saying is true and that makes them angry and they usually hang up.

As for the email scams I get I usually just ignore but I still get them daily. You should see my junk folder in my email lol. I don't trust people easily anymore. I even find myself getting suspicious of and questioning legit people.

I'm glad you liked my post. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment and share thoughts. All the best to your success.

A very appropriate warning, Timothy! Thank you!


You're very welcome Jeff. Thank you for reading my post.

Much appreciated!

Thanks for heads up.

You're welcome

Hi Timothy, Yes I picked up on the red flags myself. I just wished that I had picked up on the red flags sooner with myself. I was scammed twice and then almost I third time.

I lost a lot of money but these scammers are getting very sophisticated and they are very good at tripping people up. They are very believable but that is what they do.

They used to have a target audience which was the elderly and women. Now men are getting scam even if you don't hear about it. I have learn my lessons in so many ways. It was a hard lesson to learn but I did learn it.

One scam was a bookkeepers position that would pay my bills and then pay me a large sum of money and then he wanted bitcoins in return. The second scam was someone took on a military personnel and used his identity and said he had over 2 millions and he would send it to me to pay my bills and then split the money with us.

This person took us for a lot of money and now we are trying to climb out of the hole. But that was my mistake because I trusted another human being. Now I am started to have trust issues.

This gives you a brief view of what I have gone through. I have wrote a couple of post about scammers myself to help people and to educate them on the scammers.


Hi Mary

Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear what you have been through. I have been through a lot scams myself but haven't lost any money. I came close to giving them money a couple of times but realized in time it was a scam before giving the scammers any money.

I agree there are so many scams out there these days targeting anyone they can convince to pay them money. Scammers asking for payment in Bitcoin is also common now days and is a big red flag and is sadly becoming more common.

I have also experienced a scam a few years ago where a lady kept emailing me claiming to be a United States Military Sergent and wanted to send me 33 and a half million dollars delivered to my house on a truck.

When I asked for ID she sent me a photo of her badge which would have been fake. I refused to give her my details so she stopped emailing me and I never heard from her again. Now I find it hard to trust anyone and even get suspicious of legit things.

Spotting scams has become second nature to me and I like helping people and I can tell quite quickly if something is legit or looks suspicious. I like aising awareness of the scams even if I get hated on in the process.

I`m sorry again to hear what you went through and remember to always do your research first. Never give anyone any money until you are sure of who they are and if they are legit or not. Remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

In late 2022 I had someone email me that tried to scare me out $70,000. I did a video about it on my YouTube channel which you may be interested in watching. I read through the email on video and explain the red flag and scare tactics the scammer used in the email.

You can watch my video here if you are interested

I'm glad you enjoyed my post and thank you again for commenting and sharing your thoughts and experiences. All the best to your success.

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