Tooting My Own Horn For $1.00!

Last Update: Oct 13, 2015


Hey Everyone!

I woke up this morning to a nice surprise in my email:

I made my first online dollar today! George Washington is my friend!

I was so surprised to see that email this morning that it gave me energy for the whole day ha ha...

George Washington is now making his way on over to my bank account. I would like to formally invite his friends Abraham, Alexander, Andrew, Ulysses and Benjamin to my bank account as well. There's no sense in having George get lonely in there with no other money to talk to :)

I have wanted to make money online for such a long time that I was starting to wonder if I could do it. I read the success blogs of members here at WA and the kind of money they are making makes me so jelly. I've been putting in the effort but I wondered was I focusing in the right direction? I also had my self-doubts and voices in my head that told me that if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all, and maybe I was that one person who was going to take forever to make their first dollar online...

And now despite the voices in my head telling me I couldn't, I made my first dollar online and I have been on cloud nine all day today.

I even went a little crazy today now that I am nouveau-riche and:

- I gave the maid the day off (that would be me) and left the mess alone for a while...

- I put my affiliate marketing hat away and stopped worrying for a while....

- I put on my favorite music and I danced for a while....

- I threw open my windows and tried to smell the metaphorical roses for a while

(it's garbage day so that one didn't work out so well)

And I even put my plan to buy one of these on hold:

And you know it's not just that I made my first dollar online, it's that I proved to myself I CAN do it...I have what it takes and now I need to make more :)

This post was hard to write today because I didn't want to make anyone still struggling feel bad or toot my own horn. But in the end I decided that I've worked hard for that dollar.

I will toot my own horn but only for today friends :)

So that's it for today Lovelies,

Chase Your Dreams...Chase Your Dollars...and Toot Your Own Horns :)

Thischick aka Lori

Recent Comments


Nice blog. I enjoyed your happiness- good for you. You will have more to come!

I sure hope so...that was such a rush today and now I want more. I'm turning into a junkie :)

Good job!

Thanks for reading and the words of encouragement :)

Way to go Lori!!!! Toot away chicka - you've earned the right. This just proves to everyone else that, yes, it can happen. With hard work and perseverance, we can all start tooting, lol.

I'm tooting...I'm tooting...can't stop me now! Thanks Debby :)

It's just the beginning Lori.

Thanks Ken :)

Congrats Lori! I'd be tooten too if I got a dollar! :)
Are you going to frame the email and hang it on your wall?

I am Chris! I am treating this first dollar just like brick and mortar businesses do. I'm gonna frame it and hang it right next to my kitty's mugshot :)

Curious what you will do if you earn $10 online! ;-)

Me too ha ha!

I hope you can get an insurance for it! ;-)

Nice ! ............a journey of a thousand miles starts with but one step.

And I am proud to say that I took it...yeah I went there and it was so worth it. Thank you Tony :)

You are very welcome Lori - and I hope things are getting a bit easier for you (I am not referring to the new dollar you got - I guess that one gets a place of honour somewhere).
Take care and all the very best,


Thank you so much :)

lol way to go and congratulations the first of many more..wishing you continued success

Thank you so much my dear, I am on my way thanks to this beautiful place :)

WOW, I never got one of them, lol and I have quite a few referrals. :(

Now I wonder what other emails you're missing Shawn...time to check the spam folders ha ha. Thanks :)

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