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Last Update: Oct 12, 2015


Hey Everyone,

Today's blog post is about: Infographics...not impressed? Me neither until I found out what they were and just how ultra-cool they are. Ha ha ha...ha ha hoo!

Okay so infographics are those nice visuals you see on other people's websites. They get the point across in a sleek and professional way. Some of those websites must have money out the wazoo or a graphics design team that helps them put them together. Infographics take time to make, money to have them made, and skill to do so they usually have to be outsourced. Here are some example infographics so you can see what I'm talking about:

These lovely infographics have lots of things going on with them graphically to really engage your audience ie: your website visitors. They take boring old facts and statistics and turn them into visual demos of the points you want to make. In a word: brilliant.

But how do you get an infographic of your own for your website? Well you can make as many as you like with this free website:

Everything to make your own infographic is provided for you. From fonts and backgrounds to image objects and more. Need a stick man? No problem. A map of the USA? No problem. It's all there for you. All you have to do is put it together.

And the best part? They have literally bazillions of templates that are ready-made for you to use in your websites. Use them just as they are or you can change things as you see fit to better suit your content.

Here's an example infographic template about Cole Clark Acoustic Guitars for all you guitar lovers out there:

Pretty neat hunh? I thought so too :)

You can make charts or compare one thing or several things against another. Or you can tell the world all the fun facts and statistics you know about your subject matter so they are perfect for niche sites. They also let you save your work as either a jpeg file or a pdf. A pdf file is amazing because you can use your infographic for offline marketing as well in presentations or handouts. All you have to do is print it out or email it to your customers.

Here's a sample infographic that I made today (I know I am Picasso) ha ha. I just used one of their templates and turned it into a flow-chart about herbal teas:

So prettay...prettay...

All of the above screenshots are from the massive infographic template collection available at easelly. Use them as is or change them it's up to you. Every layout and graphic that you see in these images is available to use on their website.

Go have some fun and make yourselves something cool for your websites Lovelies :)

Thischick aka Lori

Recent Comments


You just keep on doin it dont ya...ya just keep on finding cool stuff. I'm gonna head over there now and get lost in that site for hours no doubt. Perhaps even days. I love this sort of thing.
Cheers for the tip on this.
Hope all's going well your end.

Glad to help scubajoe...I just hope you're getting lost in a good way and making yourself some really cool stuff ha ha :)

That is awesome. Thank you for sharing

Always a pleasure and thanks for reading :)

Very cool, thanks Lori.

You're welcome Peter...some of those infographics would look really nice on your affiliate website.

Hi detective Lori well done you . This is an excellent resource . We are going to have some fun with this . Thank you for sharing .

Have fun Alexander and let me see some of your creative works when you have the time. Half the fun is making them and the other half is showing them off :)

You are awesome, Lori. Knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

You're very welcome my dear. Have fun with them :)

Thischick really never run out of something new to share. Thanks, lady! More blessings to you and have a fabulous week ahead!

You too my dear...thanks for reading :)

What a fantastic resource, Thanks for finding and sharing with us Lori.
These are things that would have never been found by me.

Thanks for reading Tony. Happy to hear that you can make some use of it. I just can't resist sharing when I see something this good lol :)

Not only will this be useful for myself ,,,,,,,,I have two granddaughters living in Dubai that will be able to impress their teachers in school with the images that they present in their homework.
Thanks again.

Hey Lori!
That's Super Awesome Possum!!! What a great tool to have especially if you can't find something that illustrates your point to others....also very beneficial to highly visual people as the graphics would be what captures their attention and lures them in......I'm sure this great resource will benefit loads of the family here at WA!
Way to go Girl!!!!

Thanks for reading Dan. I love when a website has a great way to present their facts and ideas. It's so much more professional and interesting to read that way. When I found this resource I had such a fun time playing with it that I just had to share. Those infographics would make for some nice visual presentations for your niche too. Let me know how you make out.


Thanks Lori it's in my onenote.

Saw that guitar and thought of your niche :)

Ya I liked it::))

Thanks for the share Lori, I'll check it out.

You're welcome Ken. Glad to help out :)

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