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October 30, 2015
Hey Everyone,Today's blog post is a little bit of fun in honor of Halloween :)While most computers nowadays have web cameras built in, not everyone has one. And those who do have some quality issues with their still photos on their web cams. Too grainy, too dark, and too yuck.It makes it difficult if you want to take screen captures of yourself or the things you want to show your website visitors.I've had this idea that I want to be able to take pictures of the products that I'm reviewing in my
October 28, 2015
Hey Everyone,Today's blog post is about: Researching Your Domain Names Like Sherlock Holmes with These ToolsFor most of us we probably do our keyword research and come up with a domain name based on those keywords if it's available or a variation thereof. The rest probably don't really care about a keyword rich domain name and come up with their name based on personal preference or a whim or whatever strikes their fancy. I myself am always torn when I want to buy a domain name because a cheeky
So like the saying goes...if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at allAt least that's the way it seems lately. My internet connection has been dodgy as of late and it stopped working altogether last week. The modem usually flashes lots of little lights that are green in color but it was flashing one of them in red. It was the middle of the night and I called my ISP. I don't have internet service with "the big guys" because it's just too expensive here. So my ISP is this small company t
October 19, 2015
Hey everyone,Today's blog is about : Social Media Safety or Who Knows You're Online?Instant ChatIt's inevitable. If you spend enough time online connected to others through social media, you are bound to be contacted by someone through instant chat. Maybe it's someone you know and trust within your circle of friends and network contacts and that's great. But maybe it will be someone you don't know wanting personal details about your life. All the lounge lizards of social media think it's perfec
Hey everyone,Today is my 2 month anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate and I thought I would share what's going on with me these past few days.As most of you know I'm on maternity leave from work, which ends at the end of the month. I moved across the country this summer so I put in a job transfer and waited to hear back. So I get a call a few days ago from someone in human resources asking me to come in for "orientation" and I use that term loosely. I wasn't told much more than that. I was given an
Hey Everyone!I woke up this morning to a nice surprise in my email:I made my first online dollar today! George Washington is my friend!I was so surprised to see that email this morning that it gave me energy for the whole day ha ha...George Washington is now making his way on over to my bank account. I would like to formally invite his friends Abraham, Alexander, Andrew, Ulysses and Benjamin to my bank account as well. There's no sense in having George get lonely in there with no other money to
October 11, 2015
Hey Everyone,Today's blog post is about: Infographics...not impressed? Me neither until I found out what they were and just how ultra-cool they are. Ha ha ha...ha ha hoo! Okay so infographics are those nice visuals you see on other people's websites. They get the point across in a sleek and professional way. Some of those websites must have money out the wazoo or a graphics design team that helps them put them together. Infographics take time to make, money to have them made, and skill to do so
October 09, 2015
Yup there it is. The sad, sad, face of eczema...It belongs to my son Mehkai...or you can call him by his middle name Alex like we do :)This post is a little long so abandon ship now...or read the tragic tale if you must.Alex was born the most gorgeous little baby with beautiful soft skin, all his fingers and toes, and all of his other bits exactly where they were supposed to be. And the first week home from the hospital was exhausting but quiet and comfortable. I slept when he slept and we cooc
Hey Everyone,So I asked the question: How does your website display? Do you know how it looks on a tablet? A Kindle Fire tablet? or maybe a Samsung Galaxy S2? Or how about a television screen...yup...there are folks who may look at your website from their tv. Creepy science fiction time I know...I see a lot of folks here at WA wanting to know what their website looks like on different types of devices. I've heard folks saying things like:"Make your screen really small" and that will show you ho
So today I am going to tell you all about what my jerk of a cat Bingsu has been up to lately. Here she is in her mugshot:So two mornings ago I open my bedroom door and I see strips of toilet paper everywhere. And there's a roll of it behind the front door and there's two more half-unraveled in the kitchen. And of course there is Bingsu the cat watching me the whole time prouder than a peacock. So I start hollering at her and pick everything up and bring it all to the washroom. And that's when I