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I cannot log in to my email

I cannot log in to my email

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After creating my email I was unable to login using the password provided

Constance, Did you clean your cookies and cache or did you try with another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? If you created your email recently you can delete and create it again! If not, as Daniel said open a support ticket!

Thank you jespinola. I am using Google Chrome so I changed my browser to Fire Fox and it worked. I then went back to Google to see if that was the problem and behold it worked in Google also so I now have email. I don't know what happened.

Aw good to know all were sorted! :)

If you are copying and pasting the information given to you in your hosting dashboard and it's not working, go to "Build My Website" and up on the top of the page, in the blue stripe, where the wrench is, click on "Support Tickets."

They will get you into your email area.

Yes I did that and am still waiting a reply and thank you for caring.

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