Be Willing

Last Update: April 15, 2016

We have to be willing to keep moving, to persist. To seek opportunities and to change. We have to be willing to leave our comfort zones.

Willingness is key to everything we do. No one ever enjoys being forced into something, and as result they will not benefit from it nearly as much as those who are willing to take action on their own terms. If we are not willing to do what it takes to overcome our challenges and seek improvement then we will never find ourselves in a better state.

It all comes down to our willingness. If you're willing you'll discover opportunities, find solutions, learn new things, make new friends, and become better. If you're not willing you'll just have to be content with how things are, because they will stay as they are until you'll change who you are. Till you become for flexible and prepared for change. (By flexible I mean humble, not careless.)

Let's seek to always be willing to seek improvement, refinement, and personal progression.


Be willing to get out and make things happen.

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RogerHumbke Premium
One of your best quotes- Individuals are so resistant to moving outside of their comfort zone and if they do, by habit they automatically go back to their old ways. It takes effort.
TheGrizzly Premium
It always takes effort.
All the best to you.
Glad you enjoyed the post.
JudeP Premium
You're smashing it today Evan! Hope you enjoy your weekend :)
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed today's post! Happy Weekend to you as well. :)